Confessions of a Quirky Writer 

Y’all, I really don’t know how this happened, but I really thought today was Tuesday. Yes, obviously I’m delusional when it comes to seeing how much I can fit into a week, but it’s the good kind of delusional where the cup seems totally full instead of just half full or half empty.

I feel like a good title for today’s post would be Confessions of a Quirky Writer, except for the fact that I haven’t been getting much writing done recently. Still, down at the core, I am a quirky little writerly human, so I thought I’d go ahead and write the post anyway.


Confessions of a Quirky Writer

  • I have a spoon-type tea infuser at my desk so I can fiddle with it when brainstorming
  • My desk nearly constantly has unopened containers of glitter on it – simply so I can stare and be inspired
  • I talk to my computer. A lot
  • I also make faces at my computer. A lot
  • I also make weird noises at my computer. Kinda maybe more than a lot
  • I dance in my chair
  • Chewing on things – random things – when I write is perfectly normal
  • Having the perfect atmosphere – aka candles, music, and a clean office – is essential to productivity when writing if I’m not feeling hugely inspired
  • My spelling and grammar are something I’m always working on, but am pretty lacking in
  • I speak in hashtags, which is probably really bad for a writer to admit
  • When writing I’d rather be dressed nicely than clothed in pajamas
  • Thinking about how weird words are is a normal occurrence for me – for instance, look at the word pajamas, now say it aloud a few times. Totally weird, right?
  • Having blank moments where the correct word won’t surface is also a rather common occurrence for me. That’s when my brain switches on a black background and begins flipping through words like a slideshow. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s brain behaves like that?
  • It’s easy to be distracted – not only by things like other writerly projects (emails, jotting down ideas, updating my author social media pages, “research”, etc…), but also by things like cleaning my office and making delicious chili to simmer until lunch time
  • When something exciting happens with my writing, I’ll literally walk around the house yelling or singing about it loudly and off-key. My family’s no longer even phased by this type of behavior
  • My default “getting to know you” topic is books
  • When someone doesn’t like to read I experience a small moment of near-panic as I wonder how I’m supposed to relate to the individual
  • I drink huge amounts of water while writing
  • Stuffed animals sit on my desk to keep me company – I sometimes chew on them, too
  • I keep pencils on my desk…. Not to write with, but rather to chew on
  • Calling on my friends to help me brainstorm is a normal activity, but sometimes it might simply be an excuse to text them (#oops)
  • Getting so caught up in writing that I’m late for my nonwriting job has never happened, but we’ve had several near disasters, including right now 😉

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