Echoing Echoes

‘Tis a happy day to be alive.

October has arrived wholeheartedly and nearly steals my breath with its inspiring beauty, vibrant colors, and the full grand ushering in of autumn. Yesterday I had off from both my nonwriting jobs, so after getting some writing work done, I hopped in my car and drove to my adopted parents where I spent a very relaxing day and night. Now I sit at their table, listening to the rain drumming on the metal roof, and preparing to head to work.

I spent the car ride over listening to an audiobook, delighting in the autumn scenery around me, and thinking of how incredibly grateful I am for the friends I have. After I got here I set my laptop up on the table and all throughout the day dropped by to work on catching up on writingish stuff.


The overwhelming response yesterday was to start the third draft of Echoes, which quite frankly made me very happy. Nicolette and Raquel are characters I’ve worked with for over seven years now, so as you can imagine they hold a special place in my heart.

It’s amazing to me how characters morph and grow and develop over the years. These girls started out as mirror images of each other – body and soul. It was after years of thinking about them on and off as I went about my daily tasks that I realized how very different they are despite being identical in appearances.


I still haven’t settled on an opening line for Echoes, but I did change it. Originally the first line read: “Princess Rylie.” Dropping into a soft curtsy, the woman in front of me seemed to expect recognition on my part. Which I actually still like, but this draft was a long time ago – one that I ended up not using at all, except for the concept and names, etc….

Later on, the first line read: A commotion in the hall broke into Father’s and my conversation. And that was more of a filler first line, because I didn’t figure I’d actually use it in the final draft.

But now it reads: Loyalty is a harsh taskmaster. I like that line because the next one reads: I looked down at my hands – hands kept white by the loyalty I had for Father, but longed to dye blue due to the loyalty I felt for my people.

The opening to a book is supposed to make you ask questions, and I don’t know about you, but that opening makes about a dozen questions leap to mind. I’m excited to see what else changes in this book, and where all it goes. Editing is hard for me, but it can also be so much fun.

What about you? Which of the above lines is your favorite and makes you most curious to read the book?

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