A Modern Princess With an Itch to Blog? An Adventure that Goes Haywire? Masquerading​ Twins? {You Choose}

Today I don’t have to work either of my non-writing part-time jobs, which means that in addition to hanging out with some family, I’m also going to be able to hopefully catch up on some writing work. That also means I spent the last ten minutes running around my office trying to clean up all the odds and ends so I can get some filming in for vlogging. (And we won’t talk about the four coffee mugs, spoon, and random cake pan I found hiding among the books and papers…. And no, I am not the one who brought the cake pan into my office. And yes, it was clean.)

So far this month I’ve not had a lot of time dedicated to writing work as I try and figure out the correct balance and rhythm of my other jobs. That doesn’t stop my brain from coming up with ideas though. Goodness, no. In fact, my brain has been doing such a great job of throwing ideas at me that I no longer know where to start. I suppose that spending the last half of August and all of September working on getting Where Dandelions Grow ready for release also adds to how eager I am to start working on a new project. There’s something so fantastically delightful about working on a brand-spankin’ new idea – I just have to figure out how to figure out which one to start on….

The top projects I have in my mind bank have been narrowed down to three different ideas.

Montana Badlands Mystery


(Not a title – simply a way to refer to the book)

With five older brothers, fifteen-year-old Molly Kate is used to proving that she capable of doing anything. Anything, it turns out, other than single-handedly solving the mystery regarding the “accidents” and disappearances at the ranch where they’re spending two weeks.

Modren Princess Blogging Adventure 

(Not a title – simply a way to refer to the book)

In Aurora Isles, there’s no law that says a member of the royal family can’t have their own personal blog. The head of security argues that’s simply because there’s never been a need for such a law, but that doesn’t stop Princess Alexandria Kennington Rylie Malana the Third from accomplishing her dream.


(Y’all know this one, but I’ve been getting some pretty cool ideas for the re-write.)

In a land where twins are outcasts, identical princesses masquerade as Princess Rylie, heir to the throne, a secret not even their father knows.

And now it’s YOUR choice! Which one do you think I should work on next?

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