A Birthday Gift – To You? Or to Me?

Only five days until Where Dandelions Grow is released, folks! *cue happy dance*

I figured maybe I should celebrate by writing a list of five things I’m thankful for, but that’s not a very long list. Therefore I thought maybe I should write a list of five hundred things I’m thankful for. But, I have seven author interviewers and numerous emails to answer today, plus I’m visiting grandparents out of state, so I figured I don’t exactly have time to do that this morning.

Next, I figured maybe I’d celebrate by getting an iced coffee – I did that the other day and made the coffee last two days (because I forgot and got it regular instead of decaf, #oops). Iced coffees go a long ways to making every-day activities seem extra-special, as well as giving me a dose of energy.  (Especially when they’re not decaf.)

Then I figured that I’d celebrate by letting y’all know why I choose September 26th-30th for the book release and blog tour.

On the 30th I will officially be a quarter of a century old. That seemed like a milestone to take note of, and what would be a better way to make sure it didn’t fade into obscurity in my mind than releasing a book on that date?

(In plain English, y’all: my birthday is September 30th, and I’ll be 25.)

So, in a very roundabout way, releasing Where Dandelions Grow this month was a birthday present – to me, and to all of y’all. Cause I hope that bunches of you join in the blog tour activities and giveaways, buy the book, enjoy it, and feel a bit of the birthday cheer seeping into your world.

Plus, that way Where Dandelions Grow and I will share the same birthday month, and that pretty much means I’ve reached the height of being an author, right?

8 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift – To You? Or to Me?

  1. Claire says:

    It makes me happy that I’ll be posting my review on the 30th – to celebrate that milestone! 🙂 I can’t think of a better way to celebrate one’s birthday than publishing a book. I’m so excited for it to be released…congratulations and happy early birthday. ^__^

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Aww, thanks! And yep, I’m (obviously) pretty excited about it. It’s going to be fun having all that excitement going on during my birthday week.
      This book release has been a lot of work, but so much fun!

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