Ten Books I REALLY Liked as a Kid {And Still Do, Actually} Top Ten Tuesday

Today I’m doing the Top Ten Tuesday link-up, and talking about some of the books that were my childhood.

Y’all. If you ever want to help a child discover how amazing books are, go ahead and get them some of these books. They’re pretty much the best ever. Each one of the books listed below have a definite place in my childhood, and they helped cultivate my delight in words that led me to being an author.

I’ve also bought nearly every book on the list for other children I know, plus I own all (except maybe one?) in my library upstairs.

Have you ever read any of these? Which ones look the most interesting to you? Happy Tuesday, folks!

  1. A King for Brass Cobweb 
  2. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children
  3. Baby Brown Bear’s Big Bellyache 
  4. Go Dogs Go 
  5. The Biggest Bear
  6. Blueberries for Sal 
  7. Make Way for Ducklings
  8. Cranberry Thanksgiving 
  9. The Mitten 
  10. The Christian Mother Goose 


Y’all! Only two weeks from today until the release of my latest book, Where Dandelions Grow! We’re gonna have lots of fun and party, so make sure you come back!

9 thoughts on “Ten Books I REALLY Liked as a Kid {And Still Do, Actually} Top Ten Tuesday

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Aww, yay! I’m glad that we’ve read some of the same books. It always makes me happy to meet other people who grew up on these great reads. 🙂


  1. Hannah says:

    A lot of those were my favorite childhood books too!

    Just last week my husband and I asked each other on a date what each other’s favorite books were as children. In answering his question I discovered a blog online which had the pages in pictures of a book I loved at my great-grandpa’s place. Just in case you would enjoy checking it out I’ll add the link here. As a child I thought soda was one of the most whimsically wonderful things out there, but as an adult I don’t drink much of it at all.:D http://oldcentennialfarmhouse.blogspot.com/2009/08/story-time-soda-pop.html

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  2. Lydia Howe says:

    That’s neat, and a great question to ask! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link – what an adorable book, and a great idea for a blog post. That made me happy to look at it. 🙂


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