Book Review Time!

Y’all, I haven’t posted any book reviews in August so far, but we’re about to change that! Today we have both a nonfiction and fiction review. Have you read either of these books?

The Lifestyle of a Watchman

by James W Goll

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First Person • Nonfiction • 304 Pages


About the Book (Backcover Blurb):

Unique, Powerful Call to the Front Lines of Prayer

From bestselling author James W. Goll, a strategic prophetic leader in global intercessory prayer, comes an in-depth journey into the heart of what it means to be a “watchman on the wall.” Designed for serious worshipers and intercessors, this unique 21-day journey will help you move to the front lines of prayer–becoming more alert to the presence of God and praying his will with confidence.

With reflection questions, devotional prayers, and practical application, this book will help you
– discern the specific spiritual atmosphere around you
– discover the strategies of God for certain times
– pray more effectively for others
– understand how to intercede for current events

Walking in the lifestyle of a watchman means that you can be the sentinel that God is calling his mature intercessors to be. Learn to partner with the strategies of heaven and step boldly into your calling.

Why I Choose this Book:

Although prayer has always been a part of my life, I know I don’t pray enough, nor do I always pray the way I should. I’m working on becoming much more intentional about praying.

What I Thought about this Book:

Mr. Goll’s writing style is one that works well with the “average” person. I didn’t feel like he was talking down to the reader, and yet it was easy to understand what he was writing. Sometimes with theological books, I’m left going “Wait, what in the world does that even mean?” Thankfully that wasn’t the case with this book.

This book is supposed to be read over twenty-one days – one chapter for each day. I have a hard time keeping pace because I’m always chomping at the bit to finish a book. But, when I started the book I made the decision to go at the correct pace and try and implement what I was learning, and I’m glad I did.

I’ve always known that prayer was important, and this book really stresses that truth. In today’s age we have phones (etc…) constantly at our fingertips and therefore don’t experience many of the quiet moments like before (waiting in line, while taking a break, etc….). It’s more important than ever to be intentional to not only set aside time for prayer, but to also snag those moments throughout the day. I’m in awe of the fact that we can pray anywhere and at any time and I want to take advantage of that blessing.

Mr. Goll’s book talks about different types of prayers and different types of people who are called to pray for specific things. (Prophetic prayer, prayers for the church, etc….) He also highlights various prayer warriors at the end of each chapter. He includes a mixture of living, biblical, and historical people, with each person having made a difference in the world through their prayer.

The book contains a lot of scriptures – something I’ve always appreciated when it comes to a nonfiction book about studying the Bible/learning to have a closer walk with God.


Some really good points were brought out in this book, but I was also a little bit surprised at some of the points that weren’t talked about in the book. Overall though, the book was well written and I would recommend it to people who are seeking to grow closer to God.


I’m giving The Lifestyle of a Watchman 4 out of 5 stars, and 7 out of 10
*I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review


Befriending the Beast 

by Amanda Tero

Find it on:


Third Person • Fiction • 106 Pages


About the Book (Backcover Blurb):

Belle has returned unannounced to the castle to restore her relationship with the king, her father. Her hopes are dashed with the devastating message: “The king refuses to see you.” Convinced that God has led her home, she is unwilling to return to Lord and Lady Kiralyn. Time is running out for the decision that will change her life. When tragedy strikes, will she and her father be pulled further apart or knit together? Could she stay at the castle even if she will never see her father again?

Why I Choose this Book:

I don’t generally read books with magic, so I grew up not reading fairy tales. I’ve always been slightly curious about the genre, so when I find a fairy tale retelling that is void of magic, I’m interested in reading more. The author was offering to let me read the book in exchange for an honest review, so I signed up.

What I Thought about this Book:

Sadly I think my lack of growing up with fairy tales lowers my ratings on fairy tale retellings because I don’t have the built-in love and fangirling that most readers of retellings have. From the reviews I’ve seen a lot of readers really enjoyed the twist of having the “beast” be her father instead of some romantic interest. I’m guessing that if I’d grown up with the original story I would have been really intrigued by this new look at the story.

This story was well written, with the descriptions being especially, well, descriptive. The main character also felt like she was well thought out and stayed true to her character the whole book. I liked the setting and the dialogue sounded like it fit the time period well.

Overall, I didn’t really find the book to be incredibly interesting, but I did enjoy reading it. There were a couple of times that I decided to read just a couple more pages because I was interested in finding out what was going to happen next.


If you enjoy fairy tales, then I recommend this.


I’m giving Befriending the Beast 3 out of 5 stars, and 5 out of 10

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review 

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