Summertime Madness Book Tag! {Vlog}

AND I’M BACK! After missing vlogging last week due to being sick, it was so much fun to get back in front of the camera this week.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy with working on getting everything ready for my book release next month, and have already been getting great feedback back from my reviewers even though I just sent the book out yesterday! It’s so encouraging! And, on that note, it’s not too late to sign up! Join the dozens of other reviewers by clicking on this link.

And now, to the book vlog for today!

5 thoughts on “Summertime Madness Book Tag! {Vlog}

  1. Bekah says:

    Yes! The story of the giant octopus that Jack told his siblings was so funny! We burst into laughter at the picture that painted in our minds. Love Deerwood Inc.! (Though you already know that by now.)

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