Packing for Montana

My intentions to vlog yesterday morning were superseded by the need to go shopping and pack for my up coming trip to Montana. (I’m leaving tomorrow! *cue happy dance*) The shopping list wasn’t incredibly long, and included elemental elements of traveling like candy, because the ability to buy candy has yet to get old. I chose three different kinds, and then like a mature child put two of them back and came away with a package of Jolly Ranchers – a hard candy which will forever hold a special place in my heart.

There was a kid my age at the church I grew up in, his name was Eli and he always had Jolly Ranchers and sometimes gave them out to the other kids. I still feel a delightful burst of summer and nostalgia whenever I pop one of those tasty treats into my mouth.

Of course there were actual needed things on my list – like a hat for protection from the sun, and sunscreen in 3-ounce-or-under containers so I could take them as carry-on (it hurt to spend so much money on sunscreen, but I figured it would hurt a lot more than $5 if I didn’t get any protection from the burning rays).


The most important item on my list were jeans – long pants are required for the dig and since I don’t own any pants, I was off to Goodwill. (If any of y’all are curious, I’m planning on wearing a skirt over the pants, although I don’t have a problem wearing pants when needed – like when caving.) On my way to the store I realized I’ve never actually boughten pants before, so I had no clue how to go shopping for them. Well, I did buy coveralls several years ago for caving, but that was before I could drive so my brother took me to the store and I was like “David, what coveralls should I get?!?” and like the precious brother that he is, he helped me out.

After praying that I’d actually find the right kind of jeans, I headed into Goodwill and started grabbing jeans off the rack. Thankfully it took me far less time than I’d imagined to find two pairs that fit well and were comfortable.

The idea of vlogging was present when I arrived home from the store, but instead I packed, then I did some work for my non-writing job, then I took a nap with the little girl I’m babysitting (who family members had graciously watched when I went shopping). By the time evening arrived I was finally ready to vlog.

After prepping my vlogging set-up, changing into clean clothes, and making sure the camera had enough memory and battery, I was just about ready to start and…. the darling little girl I’m babysitting decided enough was enough. She’d had a long day and was ready to go to bed. I had a delightful time of reading her bedtime stories, and that was that.

I’m enthusiastically excited about going to Montana. I was working on finishing up all except the last-minute packing this morning, and of course packing for something makes it feel so much more real. Montana has always been one of my dream destinations, and to have it so close? Wow, it’s nearly surreal.

Have y’all ever been to Montana? I’d be delighted to hear about it if you have been.

2 thoughts on “Packing for Montana

  1. Cheryl B. says:

    I think packing is fun! I’m going to Ghana for 3 months (leaving in September) and I’m starting to collect the things I need to take along. I hope your trip is going well. It sounds like such a neat experience!

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