Memorable Days

It’s one of those delightfully rainy summer days, and I’m currently sitting in the parking lot at church, working out the logistics of getting papers printed for my VBS class tonight. I’m eating gluten free pizza {white sauce and bacon], drinking decaf with French Vanilla creamer, and realizing that these days are indeed what memories are made of.


I tried filming a vlog earlier, only to finish and discover that my phone’s memory was full and so it had shut off after the first minute. There wasn’t time to re-film after sitting down and deleting 200+ videos and pictures from my phone. (Including probably about 25 minutes worth of vlog-material-wannabes.) But hey! At least I have a topic ready for next time I vlog – which will hopefully be tomorrow.

Between yesterday and today I finished two books for review, and am looking forward to typing up my thoughts from them – although I must say I’m a bit conflicted with how to rate them.

Until tomorrow, folks!

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