July – A Delightful Month

It wasn’t until I sat down this afternoon to print out the materials for tonight’s VBS class that I remembered I hadn’t blogged again. The last two weeks have been exceedingly busy, and although the busyness has thankfully abated somewhat, my brain is still tired enough that blog post content hasn’t been spontaneously appearing.

knew July was going to be fantastic and over-the-top-full and quite the memory-making month, and so far it’s been spot-on. These last twelve days have been beautiful and laughter-filled and exhausting, and brimming with life. This July I’ve barely done anything on my computer besides looking up recipes (want to make the best breadsticks ever? Check this recipe out). Editing? Writing? Blogging? Um, not this month. Until yesterday I basically hadn’t read anything besides baking directions. (#oops) And, to top it all off, I even let someone else cut grass for an hour or two (that alone should tell you how crazy life has been).

FullSizeRender-7It wasn’t until yesterday morning that I remembered I hadn’t even written the month review for June yet. Currently I can’t even hardly recall what happened in that month – which only reminds me how important those reviews are and how thankful I am to have them documented for the last couple of years.

Hopefully I’ll be back in the blogging mode before too long, and then I’ll be able to share some great book reviews, gushing about life in general, and even share some delightful pictures of getting to hang out/work with some of the most amazing people in all of forever.

And now I’m off to try and finish my latest nonfiction book for review read, plan for tonight’s VBS class (where I have ten girls – three of which share the same name), and possibly get a bit more grass-cutting time in.

What have y’all been up to this month so far?

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