Leading KidMin – Book Review

Leading KidMin

By:  Pat Cimo and Matt Markins

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First Person • NonFiction • Narrative Style • 192 Pages


About the Book (Backcover Blurb):

Want to see your church’s kids transformed for Jesus? Struggling to get the whole church on board? Know what you want to see happen, but not how to make it happen?

Leading KidMin is about what it takes to achieve big-time change. Moving past the “why” and getting straight to the “how,” Leading Kidmin provides tools and strategies for actually leading, influencing, and implementing change on a local church level—all from the vantage point of the children’s ministry director.

The mission of Leading KidMin is to create a movement of change-agents who don’t just know that change is needed, but are equipped to make it happen, leading their churches in becoming more aligned, effective, and geared for growth.

Pat Cimo and Matt Markins, veterans of KidMin, are prepared to make you the change-agent you want to be—and that your church needs you to be. Are you ready?

Why I Choose this Book:

I help out with the children’s ministry at church, and therefore I thought it would be helpful to read about the subject.

What I Thought about this Book:

Currently I’m not at the place where the information was incredibly helpful – I don’t do enough with the kids ministry, and our church is rather small when compared to mega churches. At the same time I’m glad I read the book. It gave me a broader view of children’s ministry in churches around the USA, as well as giving me ideas of things that I can avoid in the future if/when I do get more involved with the ministry.

Despite being sick and rather apathetic about words in general as I read Leading KidMin, I found it interesting and enlightening, so that’s a big shout-out for the book. It was a bit confusing trying to keep track of which one of the authors was writing, but other than that, the writing was fairly straight-forward and easy to understand. It also struck me as being practical which is always a great thing, but then again, I’m not exactly in the correct position to state that with authority.

I appreciated the spirit of the book – the authors shared triumphant as well as trials, sharing humbly where they’d messed up and what they had learned from their mistakes.

There were pie charts and surveys throughout the book, and despite not being into math in the least bit, pie charts, surveys, and percentages make my little heart happy. The book was also pleasing to look at altogether – some of the information was in orange-shaded boxes, there were pie charts as I mentioned, headers that helped me stay focused, and several other small things like that which added to the ambience of the book.


This probably isn’t a book I’ll be re-reading for a long time – simply because it’s not where I am in life. I would recommend it to people who are very involved in kid’s ministry.


I’m giving Leading KidMin 4 out of 5 stars, and 6 out of 10.

*I received this book from Moody Press

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