L is for Landscape #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge. This year I’m blogging about the Behind the Scenes for the Echoes Trilogy – a story a started writing about six years ago.

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

Today I’m mostly sharing pictures of what Kios looks like. The quickest way to describe it is a non-island New Zealand, with Portugal architecture. Pretty cool sounding, right?


Another way I think of it is Hawaii with the Swiss Alps. I know, I know, I’m really combining there, aren’t I? But it’s beautiful!


The main industry of Kios is making fabrics and clothes, so they have a lot of sheep.


About a fourth of the country is also bordered by the ocean, which of course is stunningly gorgeous.


As you’ve probably realized by now, I’m biased when it comes to how amazing Kios is.


It’s been a lot of fun to create this country and try and figure out exactly what the landscape looks like.


The first draft didn’t have nearly enough details about the country, and I’m already looking forward to adding more in the second draft.


That’s it for tonight, folks!


4 thoughts on “L is for Landscape #AtoZChallenge

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    That. Is. GORGEOUS! Wow! It was beautiful in my head, but THIS is BREATHTAKING! So beautiful and peaceful…..one of those places that just makes you feel even closer to God. 🙂


  2. Claire says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous…and evident how much thought you’ve put into the worldbuilding! I can imagine just getting lost in the world when writing or reading about it. The pictures go a long way in showing how beautiful it is! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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