K is for Keagan #AtoZChallenge

I have a delightful time talking with two of my amazing friends about the characters in the Echoes book on a rather frequent basis. Tonight I was having another such conversation via chat, and Kaitlyn, the friend I was talking to agreed to do a character chat/interview with Keagan, totally on the spur of the moment.

This, my friends, is the resulting conversation. I hope you enjoy getting to know Keagan a bit better. And thank you Kaitlyn for inspiring me with this series, arguing with Hosanna about Keagan and Darrick, and of course for doing the character chat/interview. 😉

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

Kaitlyn: Well hello Keagan.

Keagan: Hello. And who do I have the pleasure of addressing?

Kaitlyn: I thought you were supposed to be guarding the twins right now?

Keagan: Twins? What are twins?

Kaitlyn: Oh, sorry for forgetting my manners! My name is Kaitlyn. So good to meet you.  Ummmm, Echoes. Sorry, I speak like an Ozarkian hillbilly sometimes. Forgive me.

Keagan: Kaitlyn, the pleasure is most assuredly mine. *bows over your hand* Ah yes, Echoes. My first thought is to deny the presence of Echoes in the Inner Chamber, but since you’re currently *in* the Inner Chamber, there really isn’t any reason to play the masquerade, is there? I daresay, I recognize you as one of the ladies of the court who Mikayla said was safe?

Kaitlyn: So, how are you doing?

Keagan: Thank you, m’lady for asking about my health. I am well in body and in spirit. I hope you are able to say the same?

Kaitlyn: Why thank you for allowing me this privilege of joining the Inner Family in the Inner Chamber. I feel so honored. What a lovely room we are in. Yes, Mikayla is correct to say that I am safe. I would never do anything to reveal the identities of your charges.

Keagan: I hold Mikayla’s judgement in the highest esteem, so I feel confident that you are a likeminded friend who will be a good influence with my princesses.

Kaitlyn: I do hope so. They are lovely girls and I cannot wait to meet them.

Keagan: Ah yes, the palace on the Island of Outcasts is rather extravagant, is it not? I am still amazed by the craftsmanship.

Kaitlyn: I am glad you are doing well. I am also faring very well. And it is so! I am also in awe of the incredible craftsmanship displayed. I can imagine you are thrilled to be able to have made the journey to such a place.

Keagan: Please don’t think me pugnacious, Lady Kaitlyn, but if you haven’t met the princesses, then how do you know they’re lovely? *smiles* And yes, I am simply teasing you. I agree that the girls are lovely indeed, albeit a bit childish at times. Most likely thanks to my magnificent influence.

*leans forward and whispers* Teah is always shaking her head at the antics I spur the girls on to.

Are you implying that I wasn’t well-traveled before now? *winks* But yes, it has been eye-opening to see so many new places and different ways of life.

Kaitlyn: Though I have never personally met the princesses, I have heard much about their character and I can indeed say that that is where the true beauty lies in the first place.Though I know so much of their lives and the good coming from them is because of your love and loyalty.

Keagan: Aye! The first part of your speech? You speak with wisdom befitting a princess. I am indeed pleased to know that such a wise and eloquent lady will be spending time with Nicolette and Raquel.

As for my love and loyalty having anything to do with their deepness of character? That is kind of you to say, Lady Kaitlyn. If only it is true, that would fill me with gratitude.

Tell me, Lady Kaitlyn, have you traveled much?

Kaitlyn: I find it rather amusing a lively, the things you spur the girls onto. I would rather say it encouraged me to enjoy life in the moment as well.

I have traveled a good bit here and there, but not near as much as I would like to. A lady isn’t seen traveling the world by herself all that much, though I do have some brothers that may be interested in the challenge. *smile*

Keagan: Ah, brothers, Lady Kaitlyn? If they are as well-spoken and kind as you are, please let it be known that they will always have a job opening with my staff, if they ever desire to take up the King’s Guard.

Being a guard is not for the faint of heart. To train for the job requires many long and tiring hours of practicing with the javelin, bow, knives, as well as many other lesser-known weapons. And, in addition to weapons, the mind must be sharpened and taught what to look for. A guard is always on duty – even when he is not. But, why am I waxing eloquent to you about this? It’s your brothers who might be looking for a job, not you.

Kaitlyn: I don’t know if I quite agree with you on the idea of myself speaking with wisdom befitting a princess, but you are kind. I do look forward to enjoying time spend with the dear young ladies.

My brothers are gentlemen, and kind in deed and in heart. I would be pleased for them to spend time in your company, as you also are of the same manner.

Oh, but I enjoy hearing about your job! Please tell me more, if you feel so inclined.

Keagan: Ah! And humble, too. Raquel will assuredly have to spend time with you. *winks* Your loyalty is rare to see in these days, and is refreshing.

Kaitlyn: I am only glad that Raquel can see your humility in life as she learns to yield her life to the God of the Path Book.

Keagan: And talking so highly of your brothers? I am of the opinion I should stop this conversation immediately and fetch Nicolette and Raquel so they can learn from your gracious speech. Far too often they forget to expound on my wonderful traits. *smiles*

*eyes widen* If you didn’t have such a clear and open countenance, I would be assured that you were trying to flatter me. As it is, I fear you’re just strongly misguided with seeing who I truly am.

Kaitlyn: Perhaps they just need to be reminded by someone outside of the Inner Chamber. Too often we take those that are closest to us for granted and forget how thankful we really are of them.

Keagan: Ah! And words of wisdom, yet again. And I daresay, I must leave in a moment to try and find those rascally princesses we’ve been talking about.

Kaitlyn: I will be much pleased to meet them. *smiles*

4 thoughts on “K is for Keagan #AtoZChallenge

  1. Bekah says:

    THIS post is one of my favorites that you have done in the A to Z challenge. How fun! And this was a wonderful example of a character chat. I might have to do something similar with a friend or sibling. Thanks for sharing it.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Lydia Howe says:

      YAY! I’m glad you liked it so much. It was fun to put together with Kaitlyn! And yes, character chats are the best! I’m thankful for my friends who will do them with me. They’re such a good way to discover more about the character.


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