A to Z Challenge Theme Announced

Saturday is April first. And April first is when the A to Z Challenge starts. Folks, that means it’s coming really fast.

Y’all have voted with an overwhelming win for me to spend the month blogging about Echoes. So that means we’re going to have a delightful time talk about behind the scenes stuff, such as where I got the ideas, how the brainstorming for this series has looked so far, ideas for the future books, snippets of the story, and the list goes on.

I’m thinking that it would also be fun to do some vlogs. I’m still trying to learn how to be succinct while vlogging (and possibly while talking in real life…), so this should be a fun topic to practice on, cause I can practically talk forever about Echoes.


I have ideas for the posts I want to blog and vlog during April, but I don’t have all 26 of them planned yet (haha, not even close), so if y’all have any questions or ideas about Echoes I’d be delighted to hear them.

And now I’m off to finish packing because I’m going to (Lord willing) leave in a few minutes to visit my sister and her lovely family for a couple of days. I hope y’all have a delightful Wednesday, and I look forward to hearing your Echoes questions!

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