25 Before 25 Challenge Update {Vlog}

Y’all! I’m FINALLY back into the swing with vlogging. *cue happiness* I’ve been wanting to vlog pretty much every day this last week, but things kept coming up and therefore vlogging wasn’t happening. Then yesterday one of my friends posted a vlog, and I had so much fun watching it that it inspired me to stop dilly-dallying and film my own vlog. (You can watch Allison’s – the aforementioned friend – vlog here. And you should totally subscribe to her blog when you’re at it!)


By the way, if my bookshelves look a little bare in the vlog, it might be partly because of these thirty-six books that have the very important job of holding up my tripod….

And, without further ado, please click here to watch my latest vlog!

6 thoughts on “25 Before 25 Challenge Update {Vlog}

  1. Allison Tebo says:

    DID I really inspire you!? Awww….I’m so happy!!! ‘waves arms randomly in the air and grins’

    AND THANK YOU FOR THE PROMOTION BOOST – EEP! ‘covers face’ Thank you!

    The tripod – HILARIOUS! I do that with the stand for my mic when I’m singing!

    AND THE VLOG – yay! So fun – and I love your top/sweater!

    God Bless, Lydia!

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    • aidylewoh says:

      YES! Allison you’re quite inspiring indeed! =)
      And YAY! I’m glad I could promote your blog, because your blog really is amazing and always makes me happy!
      The tripod gets moved around and adjusted a lot. I have a feeling that SOME day I’ll come up with the perfect setting for everything regarding vlogs. 😉
      Thank you, thank you! I like that sweater a lot, and I figured that the day I filmed the vlog was probably the last day I’ll be able to wear it this year, cause it’s all nice and warm!


  2. javadecaf says:

    LOL – that is one use for a book collection! But seriously, Lydia, you need a new tripod! Is that one broken or something? That center stem usually pulls out if you need more height.

    Both you girls make me smile. I’m happy you are provoking one another to love, good works, and vlogs! 🙂

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    • aidylewoh says:

      Oh! I hadn’t known about the center stem. I’ll totally have to try that. Thanks for the hint. 🙂 And, the tripod is tall enough if I’m sitting down. 😉

      I’m glad that Alli and I could make you smile. 🙂 I’m very happy and thankful that she’s provoking me to vlogs, too! (YAY for Alli!)


  3. Bekah says:

    Yay! I always love it when you do vlogs. Good job on the goals! I’m so goal driven that I love having to-do lists and goals of where I need a certain project to be by a certain time and I find that it really helps me to be productive. I just recently completed a list of what I need to do before I send my 7th book off to my editor. 🙂 Yay for goals!


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    • aidylewoh says:

      Aww, thank you for your encouragement, Bekah!
      YAY for being goal-driven and having goals. I’m glad it helps you to be productive, cause I can totally relate to that!
      Good job on completing lists! YAY!


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