February 2017 in Review

What I Focused on in February: 

1. Crazy busyness with my non-writing job in Florida

2. Crazy busyness with my non-writing life (a wedding, guests, family time, etc….)

3. A personal venture


Birthday Challenge Update 

    1. Request 25 Books for Review – 3
    2. Dance, Skip, or swing in the rain 25 times – 2
    3. Watch the sunrise or sunset 25 times – 6
    4. Color 25 pictures – 1
    5. Have less than 5 emails in my inbox Saturday night 25 weeks (not in a row) – 4
    6. Go to bed by 10:30 sixty times (not in a row) – 2
    7. Blog by 9:30 a hundred times – 3 or 4 (?)
    8. Go to Wednesday night church 20 times – 2
    9. Drink coffee or tea while reading or journaling 25 times – 2

Non-Fiction: 1

Fiction: 2

Reviews: 4

Audio Books: 1



Nights gone: 9

New States or Countries: None

February  Goals 

    1. Write 3 book reviews – YES
    2. Send query letters to 10 agents – NO (only 4)
    3. Blog 18 times – NO
    4. Do at least something with writing every weekday – YES
    5. HIS goals (Goals with my non-writing job) – YES
    6. Write out goals for March – NO (why did I even put this as a goal?)


 What I’ve Been Learning

  Where do I even start, my friends? One of the important lessons I learned this month was to make sure I keep the hem of my skirt out of the reach of my bunnies while blogging. I may or may not have little teeth marks on a couple of my skirts from failing to learn the lesson on the first go-around.

This month was also a good one for figuring out my writing set-up better. I have a sad habit of working on my computer in a very bad ergonomics setting, and unfortunately my wrists have been protesting rather a lot. A good friend who’s knowledgable about that type of thing helped me make some adjustments (including giving me some amazing equipment to work with!) and told me more adjustments that I need to make.

February wasn’t exactly the most stunning month I’ve ever lived regarding accomplishing the goals I set out to do or completing tasks or checking things off a list. In fact, I had to learn to swallow my pride multiple times, because little goal-maker-advocate- extraordinaire (aka me) spent the entire month being behind. When it all is said in done though, I’m alright with that. There were other things I chose to focus on (of the non-check-offable variety), and in those arenas a lot was accomplished.

Although I didn’t technically learn this in February, I was reminded over and over again at every turn how amazing God is. There were some stressful/hard things this month, and through it all I had an overwhelming sense of God’s love and peace in my life. It’s wonderful to me to be able to step back from my up-close situation and remember that God sees everything – past, present, and future. And, as long as I’m where He wants me to be, then things are going to be okay.

Along with the previous note, I must say that I’ve also discovered that when I’m stressed out, eating Paleo isn’t something that comes easily. And, unfortunately, I strayed from the healthy-eating far, far too often. That, combined with some other things, made February a less-than-stellar month health-wise, but I’m climbing back onto the healthy train for March. So, February reminded me once again how big of a gift healthiness is.

I read the book Control Girl last month and was overwhelmingly thankful for how God placed the perfect book in my life for the perfect time. It tied into everything I was learning and walking through, and was incredibly helpful. I very highly recommend the book.



There’s not a ton more to say – well except if I want to talk about how crazy weird the weather was. Seriously. We’ve had multiple 70 degree days recently. How does that even happen?

I was also able to get some querying done, brainstorm a bit for a new book, and spend good-quality time with some amazing friends. I went to bed far too late most nights (something else I plan on remedying in March), danced around outside in bare feet, and delighted in hanging out with my church family.

Earlier I was trying to figure out what star rating I would give February if it was a book. My mind drew a blank, but I did come to the conclusion that most of it wouldn’t be a re-read. All in all though, I’m thankful for the month, and very thankful for all I learned. And now, I’m looking forward to March!


How was your February? I’d be delighted to hear about it!

6 thoughts on “February 2017 in Review

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    I love that: “It’s wonderful to me to be able to step back from my up-close situation and remember that God sees everything – past, present, and future. And, as long as I’m where He wants me to be, then things are going to be okay.” ❤ That is SO encouraging!
    I did pretty awful on my February goals, but I tried to simplify my March goals so they will be easier to focus on. I’m just plain excited that we are now in the month that SPRING starts in!!! 😀 Have a cheerful March!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aidylewoh says:

      Yes! I agree, it is encouraging! And you’re encouraging, so thank you, Kaitlyn! =)

      You and me both on the goals… hopefully we’ll both have a much more balanced and goal-successful March. 🙂 I’m looking forward to this month, too. Although I must say, I like winter a lot. 🙂


  2. Tarissa says:

    I’m glad to see you recommend Control Girl as a good read. I do have a copy now, and look forward to trying it out sometime.

    The picture you included of the puzzle made me stop and stare for a moment — as it just so happens, my brother and I started to work a snowman puzzle too (just yesterday), and it looks VERY SIMILAR to yours! But upon further inspection, I see that the picture is different. 🙂 We haven’t had much snow this winter (weirdly enough), so it feels strange to work on a snowman when it’s so nice and warm out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • aidylewoh says:

      That’s great that you’re going to read “Control Girl.” It really was a fantastic book! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

      Haha, that’s funny that you have a puzzle that’s close to the same as mine. I didn’t used to like doing puzzles, but I think I may have the puzzle bug now. 🙂 And yes! It was all nice and warm while I was doing the snowman puzzle, too. #craziness


  3. ladyelasa says:

    I went to Canada this month to visit a friend. ^ ^ It was an awesome experience. I got to go skiing and ice skating!


    Liked by 1 person

    • aidylewoh says:

      Oh! That sounds fantastic indeed! I’ve been to Canada, but never in the winter time. That must have been quite the experience. 🙂 I’m glad you had so much fun.


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