Today I Queried

This morning I began this post, then stopped because I wanted to have a writing-ish update to share with y’all, and in all reality I hadn’t done much on the writing front to talk about. So I spent a fair part of the day working on writing, and it wasn’t until I sat down to supper that I recalled I hadn’t gotten back around to posting. #oops

Today I queried. And I researched agents. And I sat in my lovely office with sunlight drenching the wooden floor, a fresh-scented candle flickering by my rose, and large mugs of decaf coffee sitting nearby. I had music playing (we won’t mention that it might have been Christmas music) softly in the background, the distant cadence of a busy household, and the bunnies shuffling around in their cages.

Today I queried. I clicked through profiles, read tweets about writing, and looked at literary agent’s websites. I soaked in the feeling of diving back into authorish activities, and enjoyed basking in the familiarity of being surrounded by creative people. It was delightful.


Today I queried. And when I would lose focus or need a bit of a break, I did fun things. Like, work with my non-writing job, playing Skip-Bo with my brother, watching a Youtube tutorial about French braiding, and read funny things on line. I also took a random swinging break, where the fresh air rushed in and my toes nearly touched the sky. I finished a book I needed to read for review (then realized the review isn’t due for another month….), commented on a few posts on Goodreads, and delighted in the idea that there’s a website where people simply talk about books. What could be better?

Today I queried. And I did a lot of other things. And I enjoyed the day immensely. It was a good writer-ish day. I was able to accomplish, not stress, and stay at least somewhat focused. It was one of those days where I felt like I could repeat it a thousand times and not grow tired of it.

Today I queried. And I lived. And I’m so thankful for my life.

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