Querying Update – WLHYL

After a much-longer-than-intended break due to my non-writing job and life, I’m finally back into the querying process. So yay!

It’s nice to be back in the rhythm again, although a bit strange, too. I queried all of my easily-found-top-picks during the first go-through. This time I’m having to spend a lot more time flipping through profiles and scrolling through Twitter to find agents who I even want to query.


As it turns out, there are a lot of things to look for while querying. What’s probably most surprising to me has been how crazy much political stuff agents post on social media. For some reason I hadn’t thought that would be a huge thing. I thought they’d be posting about books, reading, writing, etc…. Apparently I was wrong. And, while it’s been interesting and enlightening to find out dozens and dozens of random stranger’s (who I’m trying to get a professional feel for) takes on the state of the leadership in the country, it sometimes makes me sigh, too. Cause yeah, that’s really not what I’m looking for.


Late last night I received another rejection email for a query I sent out a month ago. It’s the first rejection I’ve received for several weeks, and much more the pace that I had imagined I’d hear back from the agents. I’m hoping that as the weeks continue, that I’ll hear back from more agents; in reality though, life has been so crazy that I don’t think about it nearly as much as I thought I would.


Scribbles and Whimsy, my bunnies, have figured out a system for while I’m blogging. Their cage is under the table that I sit at while writing, and they have discovered how to reach out and snag my skirt to snack on whenever I sit down. That means that I let them out to explore the room, which is probably exactly what they were hoping for.

As I was typing this post, Scribbles climbed up onto the desk (who knew bunnies could climb so well?), and hopped around exploring. I had to unplug my computer keyboard so she didn’t nibble the cord (again!), but then I just amused myself with watching her explore for a few minutes. Her name fits her well, because she’s especially fond of papers and books.

That’s all for today, folks!

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