Cooking, Sunlight, and Life

This week I’m in all-out kitchen mode, which is one of my favorite things ever, but also makes blogging a bit harder to fit into the schedule. Obviously the smart and efficient thing to do would be to blog ahead of time, but that didn’t exactly happen.

I don’t think y’all particularly want to hear about the dozens upon dozens of cookies I’ve been baking. (Although, there is a bit of a funny story that goes along with me experimenting and trying to figure out how much flour to put in each batch.) And I figure you’re even less inclined to hear about the meat we’ve been browning, or the groceries we’ve been organizing, or the accidentally-too-salty chili I made for lunch, so instead I thought I’d share a verse with you from my devotions this morning.


So, the mornings here are absolutely delightful because the sun floods the room I’m staying in, and it’s a fantastically wonderful atmosphere. Back home my room is positioned so I can see the sunsets, but never the sunrises. And although I like sunsets, sunrises are a really wonderful way to start out each day.

You probably can’t tell from the above picture, but my journal was drenched in warm, amazing, beautiful sunlight.

And now I’m back to the kitchen.

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