Eight Books In My Reading Queue

On my table sits a whole stack of books I get to read and review, so I thought I’d give y’all a glimpse of what I’ll be spotlighting on Noveltea during the next two months.


In The Shadow of Danali I requested this book for review mostly because of the authors and the fact that the book takes place in Alaska. If y’all haven’t caught on to the fact, Alaska is my dream destination. I’ve actually already read In The Shadow of Danali, and enjoyed it as a very solid three-star book. 


Eden The Animals’ Parables The unique premise was the what drew me to this book. I read the first few pages a few days ago, and am yet undecided what my thoughts regarding the book are. It’s due to be reviewed on the 24th, so it’s up next in my reading queue.


The Lost Girl of Astor Street  This book has already garnered one blog post from me, and I’m looking forward to share my review of it. I read Lost Girl in the space of a  few days and was quite surprised by it. I hadn’t known what to expect, but the outcome was one I hadn’t seen coming. It was happily a four-star read for me. 


The Mark of the King Historical Fiction and I are friends. Jocelyn Green is an author who’s books I was introduced to last year and was amazed. Her books sometimes have too much romance which leads to skimming, but her research is clearly done fantastically well. She really brings time periods alive and makes history “click” in my brain. I’ve yet to read more than the prologue, but the book is due to be reviewed on February 6th, so I’ll be reading it very soon. So yay!


A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural I chose this book because I thought it would be a good subject to learn more about, and generally I’ve found Jewish perspectives on the Bible to come from a different angle than I’m used to. I don’t have a deadline to review it by, so sadly I keep pushing it further out to keep up with the deadlines I do have. I hope to read it before long, though.


Control Girl I like everything going just the way I imagined it would go. That obviously doesn’t happen because you know, Life. Therefore I thought this would be a good book for me to read. The review is due on February 21st, so I’ll be delving into the book sometime within the next three weeks, Lord willing.


Door to Freedom With all that is happening in the world, this book intrigued me right from the beginning. It’s based on real-life events, which sealed the deal for me wanting to review it. I’ve yet to receive the book in the mail, and the review isn’t due until the first week of March. But, I’m eagerly looking forward to it.


The Elusive Miss Ellison Several years ago I couldn’t stand Jane Austen books. Then, thanks to some pretty successful authors suggesting I study the classics, I found new appreciation for Jane Austen’s work (although I still don’t recommend all of them). This book was pitched to me as a Jane Austen spinoff, hence the reason I want to read it. The review for this book isn’t due until March 22nd, so hopefully that will give me enough time to catch up with the aforementioned books.

What do y’all have on your reading list? I’d be delighted to hear. 🙂 And, which one of these books looks the most interesting to you?

7 thoughts on “Eight Books In My Reading Queue

  1. Hannah M. says:

    Wow, what a list! I’m particularly interested in the Jocelyn Green one, as I really like her writing… I own her Civil War quartet, and love them, but haven’t yet read anything else by her. Perhaps your review will spark me to get another one of her books… 😉

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    • aidylewoh says:

      I’m looking forward to that one, too. 🙂 I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow, Lord willing, and I’m hoping to have time to read while traveling.


  2. Kate Willis says:

    Wow, great list! I’m excited to hear your thoughts on The Lost Girl of Astor Street. (Just a side note, does it have anything to do with Peter Pan?) My reading queue is currently very massive with several library books to knock out, two read for review copies, and some long books I’m still chewing on. 😉 It’s the kind of problem that I love! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • aidylewoh says:

      Haha, no, nothing at all to do with Peter Pan. It’s a mystery where the main character’s best friend disappears.
      Ah yes! I have some more books that I want to read, but since they aren’t for review I’ve set them aside for now. Having lots of good books waiting for your attention is a rather good problem to have. 😉

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