End of the Year Traditions

The week between Christmas and New Years is my “goal-less week.” It’s a delightful tradition I started several years ago to celebrate a year well-lived and give me a bit of a breather before the next crazy year starts. That means during this week I don’t have to journal. I don’t have to track. I don’t have to get to bed by a certain time, blog by a certain time, or even wake up by a certain time. The only thing that I still require of myself is to make sure I write my 100 words each day.

Now this might sound like a vacation week, and in some ways that might apply, but in reality most days this week I’ve actually accomplished more than I normally do. Since my routine is nonexistent I’m able to slip and slide my way through the day and do little things that I generally put off. (Which works well for one week but would be a disaster long-term.)

For instance, I finally have made huge headway with my query letter, agent searching, comparable titles, and all that stuff. I’m excited to get to share the updates with y’all before too long.


Of course I have had vacation time, too. Christmas day was delightful and very memorable. Several of us actually stayed up until four in the morning playing a game, then when I was about to crash in bed from tiredness, I realized we’d never finished cleaning the kitchen after supper. So, my brother and I stayed up for nearly an hour longer and cleaned the kitchen and dining room.

If you’ve been around Noveltea long, you probably know that I really enjoy games, and this is the week of our lives when our family plays the most games, so yay! Last night my brother, dad, and I sat down for a quick game of Mayberry-opoly before church. There’s nothing like  a random group game to make me happy. (Especially if I end up winning…)


The weather around here has been crazy. It will be cold and windy, and then next thing I know I’ll be out dancing around in short-sleeves and bare feet. (No worries, I don’t generally go barefoot in December, but I could hardly resist going for a walk on December 26th with no shoes on. When does that happen in Ohio?)

Last night the pitter-patter of a calming rain lulled me to sleep in a peaceful manner and made me almost wish that the moment could last forever.


I hope to spend time working on my end-of-the-year recap today and tomorrow, as well as continuing to work on my goals for 2017, so y’all should be seeing more of that soon.

What about you? How’s your week been going? Do you have any end-of-the-year traditions you do?

8 thoughts on “End of the Year Traditions

  1. Bekah says:

    This was a fun post to read. Sometimes it is really nice to have an unplanned weekend. I’ve kind of done the same thing for this week. 🙂 It’s nice to have a breather before the New Year arrives.

    My family loves Mayberry-opoly! It’s such a fun game! We love the Andy Griffith Show. 🙂

    Looking forward to your posts in 2017, Lydia.


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    • aidylewoh says:

      Hey Bekah! Yay, I’m glad it was a fun post. 🙂
      And yay! I’m so glad you can have a breather, too. It does make going into the new year more relaxed.
      And yay for the Andy Griffith Show! Our family really likes it, too. 🙂


  2. Chloe Smith says:

    We had a great Christmas full of excitements! A thunderstorm came through and dumped about an inch and a half of rain. The storm had about 75mph winds. when we got home, the power was out and we learned there was actually a tornado about 10 miles from our house that touched down for 3 miles! Thankfully there wasn’t any recorded damage.
    so we had an authentic nativity:) It was great!
    And yes, this is the time of year we don’t pay much attention to the clock!:)

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    • aidylewoh says:

      Oh wow! That sounds like a crazy day indeed! I’m glad y’all are okay. 🙂 And you don’t generally pay attention to the clock this time of year? When do you pay attention to the clock? =)


      • Chloe Smith says:

        Oh yeah, just throw away the cares as much as they allow. Refresh. Reflect. Laugh with family at insane hours of the night/morning. That’s how its done around here. We pay attention to the clock when responsibilities hit again.:)

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  3. ladyelasa says:

    My family has never really had many New Years traditions, so I’m trying to establish some. I do like relaxing near the end of the year which I’m currently doing. XD


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    • aidylewoh says:

      Yes! Relaxing at the end of the year really is fun. 🙂 Our family generally is more low-key this week. For instance we watched an Andy Griffith after supper tonight, and the last few days we played games in the evening.

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