Comparable Titles – Querying Troubles

One of the items necessary for a query letter is having comparable books so the agent you’re querying will have an idea of what your book is like. A comparable book is supposed to have been published within the last two or three years, have done reasonably well, and be in the same genre as your book. And, well, be comparable. As in I’m looking for a contemporary book that’s clean, light on the romance, with the main character either having a chronic illness – not cancer – or being a musician.

So far the search to find a book within those guidelines has left me feeling that searching for a needle in a haystack would be a bit easier. I’ve read hundreds of blurbs. Multiple first pages. Sometimes I even get a chapter or two in. I’ve done searches. Requested recommendations. Prayed. And yet, I’m still searching.


Last night after finding several promising looking books that quickly didn’t work out, I had fun expressing a bit of my frustration to one of my friends who often keeps me company as I write. Our chatting conversation amused me and helped make the search feel fun.

In reality I suppose this is a good sign. It means I’m the market isn’t already flooded with books comparable to mine. And, despite it being a bit of a time consuming activity, I’m thankful to get this chance to become more familiar with the books that are currently on the market.

SO! Do y’all have any recommendations to books I could read that follow the above mentioned guidelines? I’d be utterly delighted to hear from you if you do!

6 thoughts on “Comparable Titles – Querying Troubles

    • aidylewoh says:

      Haha, yeah… I’m guessing if I read a ton of contemporary fiction it would be easier, but even though I do try and read a good amount, far too many books don’t quite meet the ‘clean’ standard I have for what I read. :-/


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