The Story-Idea Generator

There are times when it just really doesn’t work to sit down and write a book. Or edit a book. Or query for an agent. Or catch up on emails. Or do any of those other delightfully-writing related activities.

Do you know what I’ve discovered though? It’s times like these – times when I’m running around working full days with my non-writing job, or cuddling my nieces and nephews, or going off on adventures, or sweeping dirty floors, that my best story ideas come in. It’s as if my brain can’t handle being away from writing too long, so it compensates and comes up with a way to be involved with writing when I wasn’t really planning on it.


Currently I have an idea churning around that I really don’t have time to work with during my writing time because I should be focusing on WLHYL. But since I don’t exactly have much writing time at the moment anyway, I’m having fun letting the idea marinate in my brain. Sometimes a story will linger for a couple of days and then I’ll dismiss it, and other times it literally hangs out for years, becoming more exciting, compelling, and interesting until I decide that it’s finally ready to be written.

I don’t know what the end result of this story idea will be, but in the meantime I’m enjoying working out the kinks and coming up with a plot line that makes sense. Plus, tying it into some of the other books I’ve worked on in the past makes it feel like an old friend.

Do y’all ever come up with story ideas while doing every-day tasks? Isn’t it so much fun when that happens?

9 thoughts on “The Story-Idea Generator

  1. Autumn Raelin says:

    This post is so, so true. I’m part of a writer’s workshop group right now, and we have to send in a story this month (haha I didn’t even send mine in yet and it’s due by December 1. AH.), and I’ve found that when I try to make myself sit and write it doesn’t usually work as well as it would if I had a story idea in place and I know what I’m doing.

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