Take 40 – A Vlog About How and Why I Wrote “When Life Hands You Lymes”

Happy Monday, y’all!

Today seemed like the perfect day to do my second vlog, especially because I had my wonderful friend Hosanna here to act as my videographer. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor into the equation that we’d both spontaneously burst into laughter every few seconds. Forty takes later though, we finally had a video that worked, although it might have varied slightly (aka, a lot) from the original intent of this particular vlog.

See, originally I wanted to read a snippet of When Life Hands You Lymes to y’all. I even went through the book and found three snippets that seemed to work, and then practiced reading them. The problem is I haven’t mastered the art of reading for a camera yet. While trying to focus on reading and the camera I found myself adding words, omitting sentences, and paraphrasing dialog. Oops.

In the end I decided to go with my second idea, which was to give a brief history of how and why I started WLHYL. It’s not new information to anyone who’s hung out on Noveltea, but I’ve wanted to have it in video form for documentation purposes.

I hope y’all have a fantastic Monday, and that this week is full of blessings, memory-making ventures, and happiness cause it’s autumn!

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