Saturday Morning

This morning I had an early-ish and short shift at work, which meant I was back home by a little after nine. This whole week was rather busy and I only got a little bit of time each day to work on my writing, so I’m excited to see what I will be able to accomplish on my editing today. I also hope to catch up on some reading.

I’m currently reading (part of the time out loud) through When Life Hands You Lymes for the last time before I send it out for the final round of beta reading. It’s kinda funny, because I keep thinking each draft will be the second to last draft, and so far that hasn’t been the case. Maybe this time it will be true.

In this draft I’m having fun adding some life to one of the sub-plots. I had an enjoyable time brainstorming with a writer friend this last week, and as we brainstormed, it became quite apparent that the sub-plot really wouldn’t work unless it made more sense.

Each time I add a sentence now, or sometimes just change a few words around, I’m left shaking my head in wonder. (Alright, not always literally.) The additions are making so much sense that I have no clue why it’s taken me this many drafts to figure out that they were needed.

It’s so peaceful here today as I sit at my desk, candle burning next to me, and instrumental music on (some of which might be considered Christmas music). Outside the sky is gray, fields are green, and there’s a lovely patch of bright yellow golden rod right in front of me. It’s obviously a wonderful day to be editing.

What do y’all have on your plate for this delightful Saturday?

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