October the Beautiful

Happy Monday, y’all!

Between the half marathon, an extremely busy several days at my non-writing job, having amazing out-of-state friends come and help with said job, and just life in general, last week was pretty crazy. It involved a lot of frantic dashes to get everything done on time, curling up with a fluffy blanket to catch a short nap whenever possible, consulting co-workers on how food tasted, dancing around the kitchen, dining on all manner of deliciousness, late nights, early-for-me mornings, and putting my problem solving capabilities into play.

One of the best memories from last week was realizing to my detriment that I hadn’t looked at the schedule carefully enough, so I had to throw everyone into full gear. It wasn’t long before we were rushing hither and yon, and some of my co-workers who are fantastic singers decided to sing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs. Totally off key.

Autumn also let loose it’s magnificent beauty and delighted my little heart to it’s very core. The sky took turns being a brilliant, cloudless blue, and layering heaps of dark, gray clouds all about us. There was rain. Coldness. Lazily falling leaves. It was the perfect autumnish week, and reminded me once again of how utterly wonderful October is.

And, as you can guess, I didn’t do hardly anything on writing. I eked out three blog posts, wrote 100 words each day, and gave an excited try at brainstorming one evening. If you’ve corresponded with me via email recently, you’ve probably noticed my lack of replies. The replies I did send were ones typed throughout the day when I had breaks at work.

I’m excited, though. I accomplished all of my goals for last week. I have new goals set for this week. Hopefully I’ll not only get caught up on my emails and writing, but possibly even pull ahead a bit. And, of course I only have seven days left to finish my October goals, so I’ll have fun chopping away at them, too.

* * *

What do y’all have on your plate for this week?

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