Morning Gratitude

Good morning, people! This morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and figured today would be a fantastic day to write a quick list of things I’m thankful for. Remembering some of the things I have to be thankful for always gives my day a boost, and I hope my list inspires you to be filled with gratitude, too. I set my timer for eleven minutes then worked on my list until it beeped. I was rather amused when I numbered them to find out I had written down exactly 100 things. (Another thing to be thankful for, cause even numbers like that are so much fun!)

I’d be delighted to hear some of the things at the top of y’alls list if you feel so inclined to share.

I am thankful for…

1. Christmas music 

2. Family time 

3. Sunrises

4. Camping 

5. Cooking in clean kitchens 

6. Beautiful maps

7. Autumn’s delight 

8. Clean rooms 

9. Cute bunny rabbits

10. Friends who are like family 

11. Pictures 

12. Winterish clothes

13. The wind rustling through leaves

14. Stuffed animals 

15. Country roads 

16. Card games 

17. Blogging 

18. Blogging friends who I email with 

19. Brainstorming 

20. Working on new books 

21. Making progress on old books

22. Books for review

23. Being caught up with books for review 

24. Friends who will help me with my work 

25. Being able to make a difference 

26. Being understood 

27. Half marathons 

28. Calendars to keep track of stuff on 

29. Tracking books 

30. Andy Griffith with the family 

31. Making memories

32. Swinging 

33. Star gazing

34. Goals

35. People who influence others for good 

36. Our church

37. Living in Ohio

38.Living in a place with all four seasons 

39.The coziness of winter

40. Apple cider

41. The ability to read

42. Internet 

43. A computer to work on 

44. People who like to listen to my stories

45. Family meals

46. Accountability partners with goals 

47. The ease of keeping in touch with people in other countries 

48. Airplanes 

49. Pixie sticks 

50. White chocolate s’mores

51. Our Wednesday night group 

52. Rocks I’ve collected

53. Fuzzy blankets 

54.Sparkly socks

55. Cotten candy 

56. Sweet little babies

57. Dreams come true

58. Dream lists

59. Hedgehogs 

60. Skunks

61. Inside jokes

62. Cool, refreshing water

63. Checking things off lists

64. Happiness being a choice

65. Having people around me who make choosing happiness easy 

66. People who encourage me 

67. Being able to encourage other people

68. Using my words to lift people up 

69. Using my talents to bring glory to God 

70. Helping other people realize that they can bring glory to God, too

71. Letters and notecards 

72. Doing mail runs 

73. Driving with the windows down 

74. Flowers 

75. Jumping on hay bales 

76. Listening to birds sing

77. Dancing in the rain 

78. Salt 

79. How my office is decorated 

80. Being able to think and reason 

81. Living in this time period 

82. Being able to study pervious times 

83. Learning in general

84. Having the Bible to gain wisdom from 

85. God loving me 

86. Watching leaves change colors and fall 

87. Cute colors 

88. Shuffling through papers

89. Doctors 

90. Eating healthy 

91. Celebrating things

92. Hardwood floors

93. Sleeping on the floor

94. Mummy bags to keep me warm

95. Cute little puppies 

96. Connecting with other people

97. Sundays

98. My Sunday school kids

99. Coffee breaks at church 

100. Laughter 

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