Love Our Vets By Welby O’Brien – Book Review

Love Our Vets

By Welby O’Brien 

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224 Pages

About the Book (Back cover Blurb):

Chances are that if your loved one has seen war, he or she has Post-traumatic Stress Disorder at some level, and you who love your veteran will also be deeply and profoundly affected. Finally, the cries and needs of the loved ones have been addressed in this comprehensive, practical book, now newly updated in its 2nd Edition! Love Our Vets answers more than 60 heartfelt questions, providing down-to-earth wisdom and much-needed tips for taking care of yourself. 

Sharing as a counselor and from her personal experience of living with a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD, Welby O’Brien gives hope, encouragement, and practical help for families and loved ones who are caught in the wake of the trauma. This book addresses a broad spectrum of issues and concerns and offers realistic wisdom from a wide variety of individuals who share from real hearts and lives. Now newly revised and updated with additional material, the 2nd Edition of Love Our Vets continues to be enthusiastically welcomed by VA and other counselors. This is not just another book about PTSD; rather, it is a tremendous resource for families and loved ones who struggle heroically along with their vets to face the day-to-day challenges.

Why I Choose this Book: 

I thought this book would contain helpful information that would not only help me relate to veterans better in the future, but also anyone who has spent time in a war zone. 

What I Thought About this Book:

Unfortunately I am really not the target audience for this book. I was prepared for that since I don’t know anyone suffering from PTSD, but where I felt the disconnect was the book was mostly written to the spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend) of someone with PTSD. And since I’m not married to someone with PTSD (or married at all), the book didn’t really help me much. 

Because of that, I don’t feel qualified to give much of a review. I will say that I was pleased to see the over-all theme of turning to God when things get tough. The book also made me really appreciate everything that vets, and their families, go through after having served our country. I hate that we lived in a sin-cursed world where there is violence and fighting and PTSD. 

Having gone through Lyme disease, and knowing what it’s like to feel alone with that type of thing, I can only imagine that for people who have loved ones with PTSD, this book would be incredibly encouraging and helpful. 


There were some things I didn’t agree with in the book, but since I’m not in a situation like the book was talking about, I won’t discuss those instances. There were also some things that, while being totally fine for a married couple, left me skipping or skimming some pages. So, not exactly a book for young people. 


I’m giving Love Our Vets 3 stars out of 5, and 5 stars out of 10.

*I received this book free from Litfuse*

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