Brainstorming to problem solve is one of those parts of being an author that I greatly enjoy. I write out plot lines and find them quite helpful and needed, but I’m also not adverse to straying from the original plot when a new idea takes me captive. This translates to my stories often having plot holes and needing help in subsequent drafts.

One of the best parts about brainstorming is that it can be done basically anywhere. Yes, there are times when I sit down and simply focus 100% on the brainstorming, but most often, the activity takes place when I’m going about daily life. Because of this I used to carry a little notebook and pen basically everywhere with me – which really wasn’t convenient. Now that I have my phone, I use it to keep track of my ideas, and I also do that “non-advisable-thing” where I simply try and remember the ideas until I get back to my computer.

For fun, I thought I’d share some of the places/things I do that normally produce the best idea-generating thoughts.

*Swinging (like, on a swing set)

*Being in a crowd

*Admiring changing seasons


*Mowing the grass (the mower’s name is Chadwin, by the way, and we’re great friends)


*Being in the car

*Listening to amazing music

*Talking to other writers

*Reading good books

*Reading lame books that make me want to do better

*Cuddling fluffy animals

*Chatting with Hosanna and seeing her enthusiasm for my writing projects

*Watching storms

*Experiencing new things or places

*Folding laundry

And the list could go on, but those are the top ones.

What about you? How/when/where do you brainstorm the best?

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