A Post Full of Whimsy

It’s that time of year again. November has arrived and with it heavy frosts, leafless trees, brisk winds, and the end of barefoot season. Yes. You heard that correctly. I’ve had to stop going barefoot outside (at least most of the time), which is most likely my least favorite thing about the winterish months. Well, that and the lack of grass to cut.

But, as long as there’s no snow on the ground, I can still get away with going shoeless at least part of the time. I simply wear socks to help keep the chill away. It feels extremely whimsical and I often laugh at myself as I do things like walk down our country road or race out to the swing set with mis-matched socks skimming the earth. (Mis-matched socks work best because walking on gravel roads has a way of wearing holes in the socks, and that way I don’t ruin a matching pair.)

The other day we were making chocolate-covered pretzels (which happen to be one of the most yummy things ever). One of my more artistic friends offered to do the chocolate drizzling after I dipped them – you’d be surprised how easy it is to make drizzled chocolate look bad if you’re a rushing-around-non-detail-oriented-girl like me. I looked down a few minutes later to see a smiley face staring back at me. His name is Henry. (Although, in all likelihood he’s probably been eaten by now.)

Yesterday in the midst of scurrying around my non-writing job, stove full of pots, oven full of pans, and counters full of prep work, I dashed out of the kitchen and was greeted by this beautifulness. Sarah and Clara were looking through one of my books, a sight that would make any author’s heart sigh in delight.

This week has been packed full of scurrying and hurrying and craziness, yet finding moments to be thankful and smile and laugh helps take stressful situations and turn them into memories. Sometimes I find that I need to stop and breath deeply and embrace life as it’s tossing ten things at me all at once. I want to find beauty in the little things, joy in the every-day moments, and delight in the unexpected. This morning I’m thanking God for the wonderful people I have to work with, the lessons I’m learning, and the whimsy that’s surrounding me.

Thank you for taking part in my random, adventurous life. I hope y’all’s weekend is fantastic!

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