25 Before 25 Challenge

A delightful happy second day of November to y’all! So, today I get to share with you the things I chose for my 25 Before 25 Challenge. I wanted to do some more whimsical ones this round, so yay! Looking forward to getting to work on these during the next eleven months.

  1. Buy 25 Books 
  2. Do 25 new things and write them down 
  3. Take pictures of Sequoia (teddy bear) in 25 different places
  4. Request 25 Books for Review
  5. Vlog 25 Times
  6. Dance, Skip, or swing in the rain 25 times 
  7. Watch the sunrise or sunset 25 times
  8. Memorize 5 chapters from the Bible 
  9. Run 25 ten minute miles (not at once)
  10. Eat paleo 25 weeks (not in a row)
  11. Send something to missionaries 25 times
  12. Try 25 new recipes 
  13. Read to, or cook with, children 25 times
  14. Color 25 pictures 
  15. Have less than 5 emails in my inbox Saturday night 25 weeks (not in a row)
  16. Write “thank you” letters to 25 people who have influenced or helped me
  17. Have a picnic in each season 
  18. Move over to WordPress
  19. Host a contest or giveaway on Noveltea
  20. Go to bed by 10:30 sixty times (not in a row)
  21. Finger paint 
  22. Blog by 9:30 a hundred times
  23. Go to Wednesday night church 20 timesJump rope
  24. Drink coffee or tea while reading or journaling 25 times 

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