To-Do Lists, Monday Mornings, and Happiness.

A delightful “Happy Monday!” to y’all. This busy week dawned for me after a restless night where I kept waking up, checking the clock, and willing the morning to arrive so I could start on my mile-long list of things to do. 
I’m not even quite sure how I’ll be able to organize my time to fit everything in this week that I need to accomplish…but it should be a fun challenge. I have work to do for my non-writing job, a non-fiction book to read for review, City of Outcasts to finish (or nearly finish, anyway). I have a book I’m beta reading for a friend, short stories to write, my office to straighten (again), grass to cut, buuutttt…What I’m most excited about this week is that on Saturday I got the 15th draft of When Life Hands You Lymes back from a beta reader. So yay!
This is the most thorough going-over I’ve ever had from a beta reader. And that’s a good thing. There is only so much one person (aka me) can do to polish up a story. And, after 15 drafts and multiple rounds of beta reading, the book still had a far piece to travel.

Saturday afternoon, as soon as I got back from my non-writing job, I dove into reading through the comments the beta reader had made. I responded to quite a few of them, and gauged my reaction on the rest. That process alone took several hours. (Happy hours, I might add, because I was getting to work on WLHYL again!)

I had to take breaks to finish reading and reviewing a book, write 1,000 words on City of Outcasts, and send a few emails, but other then that I worked on the edits until midnight arrived, signaling the end of my work week.

Yesterday was brimming full with going to church, helping out with Sunday School, and then working in the nursery during the second service. I attended a baby shower after that, and the rest of the afternoon was bursting with a conglomeration of events (blessedly it also hosted a nap). It was a few minutes before 10:30 when I happily fell into bed, ready to peacefully sleep the night away. Only, by then my brain was like “Ah-ha! A new week is just around the corner, so let’s start thinking full-speed, cause guess what? You’ve got the16th draft of WLHYL to work through!” Needless to say, I’m happy that Monday has now arrived.

I hope y’all are as excited about this week as I am, and if you have any tips on how I can manage my time better, I’d be delighted to hear them. And now I’m off to beta read, so I can then dive back into editing. 

5 thoughts on “To-Do Lists, Monday Mornings, and Happiness.

  1. Bekah says:

    I usually love Mondays! I always feel like I want to get a ton of things done on this first day of the week! 🙂 it's enjoyable to see how much I can get done.

    I hope you have a great day accomplishing things on your to-do list!



  2. Ashley says:

    I am definitely not a Monday person. My most productive days tend to be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't have said that because the bar just got raised for today… I need a productive day, though.

    One of the perks of not having an office (even though I REALLY want one) is that I don't have to keep it tidy or organized. That's a win. Kind of. Lol.

    Good luck with all your goals!


  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Yay! Well, today's your day to shine. 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday and are able to get a ton accomplished. If not though, tomorrow's a new day and there's another new day after tomorrow's over. 😉

    Haha, my office was my choice over having a bedroom. I just sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. (But, believe me, it's very much an office, despite the fact that I have clothes in the closet.) Thankfully, it's fairly easy to keep clean – as long as I do a little bit each day.

    I hope you do great with your goals, too!


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