Answers to the Most Important Questions about the End Times By Dr. John Hart: Book Review

Answers to the Most Important Questions about the End Times
By Dr. John Hart 

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189 Pages

About the Book (Back cover Blurb):

For everyone who is curious, confused, or even fearful about Jesus’ second coming, the Antichrist, the end of the world, the book of Revelation, and biblical prophecy, Dr. John Hart clearly and respectfully offers real, biblical answers. He reveals exactly what God’s Word says as well as what it doesn’t say, explaining how it impacts your family and friends. This slender volume answers everyone’s most-asked questions, and even includes a list of Bible references for further study.

Why I Choose this Book: 

I haven’t read very much about the end times, so I was pretty curious to learn more about it from people who have studied the matter extensively. 

What I Thought About this Book:

Unfortunately it wasn’t really my style. Now this is going to sound quite lame, but the fact is, I like stories. I like being able to relate to people. Don’t get wrong, nonfiction books are great – but I don’t feel a draw toward a book when it’s just fact after fact. I literally don’t know a single thing about the author from reading the book (except that he’s obviously studied the end times). I am able to engage in a book much better when they illustrate points by telling short stories that are true. Since we’re studying the end times though, I can see how that didn’t exactly fit into the picture. (All that to say, you’ll probably like the book, so you should check it out.) 
 I did learn stuff from reading the book though, and although I didn’t agree on 100% of his interpretations, it was encouraging to see how often he quoted or referenced the Bible. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of references, so yay for authors who really take the Bible as the authority. 
The book discusses questions like “Who is the ‘False Prophet’?” “What is the Role of Israel in the End Times?” “What Nations Will be in Power in the End Times?” and many other similar ones. There were some explanations that didn’t make a ton of sense to me, but I have a feeling that if I would study the matter more throughly, then they would. 

Overall it’s a pretty good overview of what the end times look like. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but that’s only because it wasn’t my style. 

I’m giving Answers to the Most Important Questions about the End Times 3 stars out of 5, and 4 stars out of 10. 

*I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review*

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