Update on my Adopted Dad

Happy Saturday Morning, y’all! I decided to post today so I could give a quick update on my adopted dad. If you’ve been following Noveltea for a couple of months you’re probably aware that he had a heart attack and then open-heart surgery at the end of June. I was blessed to be able to spend nearly four weeks with them at the time, but then had to return to “normal” life and go back to work and all that good stuff. 

Last weekend I was excited to get to spend the day with them, and was thrilled at how much better Dad is doing. Although he’s still trudging down the road to recovery, he’s leaps and bounds further along than the previous time I had seen him, which made me incredibly thankful. 

Here’s an update they posted this week regarding the trouble he’s been having with his arm/hand:

The EMG showed neuropathy caused from the cholesterol medicine that I had been on for 15 years. The Doctor said the numbness in my fingers would go away in time. He said 4-6 months. My arm at least is not hurting like before. I am trying to play my instruments but it is not up to standard because of two fingers being numb. Cardiac doctor is pleased with my heart and valve. There are still skipped beats but he thinks they will settle down. I am healing and getting stronger. I start rehab next week. Thank you everyone for all the prayers.

While I was at their cabin Dad played a bit of several instruments and sang for me, which was fantastic (especially considering last time I was there he was just getting to the point where he could talk again without going into coughing fits). 
For those of you who don’t know, my adopted dad is a professional musician and song writer who has traveled all over the world performing. So…being able to play instruments and sing songs is a vital part of his every-day-life. 

Thank you to everyone who has prayed, and continues to pray, for his recovery. I hope y’all will join me in praising God for the wonderful recovery Dad has been making.

Side note: Because recovery is still underway for my adopted dad, I sadly won’t be taking part in our yearly caving adventure that I blogged about in June. I still hope some of y’all can go, though!

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Update on my Adopted Dad

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    Good news! Glad to hear it.
    Won't be caving either. Going to visit Amish country with Elizabeth instead. Not sure how far hotel is from Perry Chapel but might try to visit church as well.


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed about caving, but hey! I have a huge amount of other things to be thankful for!
    Ooh, Amish country sounds like fun! I hope that you two have a fantastic time when you're there. I'll miss getting to go caving with you this year.


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