Echoes: Countryside Edition

Since I’ve been posting so much about my Echoes series recently, I figured I could continue the tradition. This time, though, I’m going to post some pictures from my Pinterest boards, so y’all can get a better view of what the world of Kios looks like. Today I’m posting the “Countryside Edition.” 

Kios is an extremely beautiful land with lots of green hillsides, rock fences, plunging waterfalls, and ancient, towering trees. The land is also bordered on one side by The Forest – a forest so vast that no one in written history has journeyed all the way through it. (The Forest will get a post of it’s own, someday, hopefully.)


Because of their superstitious practice of banishing echoes (twins) to the City of Outcasts, declaring them not fully human, Kioskins have been considered barbaric for many years. Nevertheless, they still had many advances in their country that other lands could not boast. For one thing, their architect was superb.


Eventually the Kioskins rose to equal standing with their neighbors, due greatly to the influences of Queen Lena, the political wife of King Dalan, and a native of Turglar, a bordering country. Their skill with fabrics and cloth-making also set them up for a coveted place in the region’s trading fairs.

 Although the countryside is idyllic and the people laid back, there is a strong emphasis on hard work and continuing to grow Kios to the best it can be. Most of the country adheres to national pride and is throughly loyal to King Dalan. 
Princesses Nicolette and Raquel spent most of their early years within the walls of the palace. They were astounded and delighted at the glories of the countryside when they ventured far away from the cities for the first time.

With a somewhat rainy climate, Kios has all four seasons, and rivers, mountains, hillsides, and trees aplenty. Filled with fascinating natural formations, like the tree-tunnel pictured near the beginning of the post, caves, and hot springs, Kios is a land filled with wonders and beauty. 

And there you have it, folks. Another glimpse into the world of Nicolette and Raquel, the princesses who masquerade as Princess Rylie. I hope y’all enjoyed getting to see a little bit more of their world. Writing City of Outcasts has been going slowly, but steadily, with me breaking the 40,000 word mark last night. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) finishing the first draft sometime in September. 

Does Kios look like a beautiful country to you? Which of the pictures would y’all climb into and live there for a day if you could? 

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