Inner Chamber Family – Raquel and Nicolette {Part 2}

A happy cloudy, laid-back, and yet chaotic Wednesday morning to y’all. (Yes, a day can be both laid-back and chaotic, trust me.) For the last week I’ve written nearly 7,500 words on City of Outcasts and am pleased with how the story is progressing. Last November I had written 20,000-some thousand words, which means I’m over the half-way-done-with-the-first-draft mark. Yay!

Since I only got around to posting about Raquel yesterday, today I’m posting about Nicolette. Of course she has the same physical attributes as Raquel, but she isn’t quite as muscular, a fact that is easily hidden by the fancy and flowing gowns they wear.


Nicolette – Calm and collected, Nicolette finds it easy to stay on task and focus on getting a project done. Although not nearly as competitive as Raquel is when it comes to physical activities, she strives to learn the laws of Kios better than even her father, and can keep up with anyone while playing board games.

With a serious nature and a sweet disposition, Nicolette is known for forgiving quickly and not holding one’s faults against them. She studies the Path Book daily and strives to always act upon the lessons she learns. Her willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt quickly fades when one of her Inner Chamber Family members are in danger, but that’s because she’s fiercely loyal.

Nicolette’s sass isn’t nearly as strong as Raquel’s, but her wit is quite equal and they enjoy word sparring from time to time. At times she even tricks Keagan into an argument simply for the sake of entertainment. Her logical is generally flawless and she enjoys asserting her superior vocabulary when visiting males doubt her ability to rule because she’s a princess instead of a prince.

While willing to do nearly anything to keep the peace with those closest to her, Nicolette also has a strong set of values and is loath to stray from the path she’s set for herself. Despite the fact that her father hates Echoes, Nicolette still loves him strongly and prays for him daily.

With a keen sense of humor, Nicolette faces the world and finds joy in most situations. Her laughter brightens the lives of everyone around her, and her facial expressions often send the Inner Chamber Family into spasms of laughter.

There is nothing that raises Nicolette’s ire faster than hearing disrespect for echoes. Her passion in life is to see her father love her and Raquel as echoes, and see the kingdom united and unbiased under their joint-ruling.

Loved by everyone, and respected by those who she passionately adheres to, Nicolette is trustworthy, fair, and not to be trifled with. 

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