Inner Chamber Family – Raquel and Nicolette {Part 1}

Last Thursday I posted a little blurb about each of the members of the Inner Chamber Family from my book except for the identical princesses. Today, I’m going to give y’all some insider insights to who Nicolette and Raquel, aka Princess Rylie, are.

First of all, they’re identical echoes (twins), who go by the name “Princess Rylie” in public. They’re sixteen winters, tall, willowy, and have light blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a sprinkling of freckles on their faces. Despite being identical in looks, they’re quite different when it comes to personalities.

The birth order was purposely not kept track of so that they would grow up co-ruling. No one besides the rest of the “Inner Chamber Family” knows that Princess Rylie is actually two girls, so we’ll go ahead and talk about Princess Rylie’s personality, too.

Raquel – Competitive almost to a fault, Raquel will work endless hours to master a skill, be it javelin throwing or the proper etiquette for receiving a visiting dignitary. Although book learning isn’t her favorite, she pours over her lessons until she knows them inside and out, refusing to ever miss the answer to a question. 
With a quick wit and sharp tongue, her attitude is often taken as being sassy and she constantly has to check her impulses while masquerading as Princess Rylie. Keagan is her chief target of choice when she’s in a word-dueling mood, and she’s endlessly thankful for all he puts up with from her, although she doesn’t express her gratitude overly often. 
As a born leader, Raquel is completely comfortable with handing out orders and taking charge in any situation. She prides herself on her cool and collected manner in which she handles even the most stressful of moments. 
Her chief delight is being coached by Keagan in the training studio, where she’s learned knife throwing, sword play, javelin throwing, archery, and all other manner of dangerous activities. She’s also been trained for hand-to-hand combat, should that ever be an issue, and knows where different nerves and pressure points are located, a knowledge which she takes great joy in. 
Ignoring the words from the Path Book, Raquel has allowed bitterness regarding the king’s hatred over echoes to seep into her soul and stain her whole life. Determined one day pay him back, Raquel loses no love in the mock relationship, and is quick to remind Nicolette of the king’s many downfalls. 
Although unhappy at the king, Raquel does grudgingly admit to his skillful hand at ruling, and applauds him for it. Her steadfast goals in life are to free the echoes and make the equals, while helping Kios rise even further in the world, providing a safe and stable environment for the next generation of Kioskians. 

And… It’s actually time for me to head to my other job, so I guess I’ll have to post about Nicolette and Princess Rylie at another time. 

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