The Inner Chamber Family – Echoes

In the Echoes series they have what is called the “Inner Chamber Family.” This includes the everyone at the palace who knows that Princess Rylie is really echoes – Nicolette and Raquel. Today I thought I’d give y’all a little introduction to each of the Inner Chamber Family members.

The Guards:

Keagan – Keagan is the second closest in age to the echoes, with about a ten year gap. He was a street child, taken in by Queen Lena before the echoes were born. Keagan isn extremely loyal, kind, and the echoes treat him like an older brother. He’s risen in rank until he’s Princess Rylie’s chief guard and stays by her side all of the time, as well as commanding the rest of her guards.
Keagan enjoys carving, witty conversations, the open countryside, practicing with the javelin, knife throwing, archery, and horseback riding. He also delights in playing strategic games on quiet nights. Nicolette and Raquel can always count on him to lend a listening ear, offer a bit of wisdom, or put them back in their place if they’ve gotten too sassy.

Farrow – Farrow is a quiet, middle-aged man who says little but sees much. His chief joy in life is the privilege of keeping the princesses safe, and he does so continuously. He also enjoys having quality reading material to occupy his time during his off hours. Farrow sometimes sits in during the princesses private tutoring classes, and has an incredibly well-developed memory. He’s also a champion with the bow and arrow.

Gage – A musical guard, who’s family has been part of the royal musicians for generations, Gage finds it easy to entertain the princesses when they are within their safe inner chamber. Not only is his voice melodic, but he can play a variety of instruments.
Gage’s aunt and uncle were forced to the City of Outcasts after they had echoes, not long after Queen Lena married King Dalan and came to Kios. When he discovered how the practice horrified Queen Lena, he whole-heartedly agreed with her and pledged his life into her service.
As the oldest of the Inner Chamber guards, Gage’s hair is turning white, but that doesn’t slow him down. He still has fight a’plenty and his greatest dream is to see the echoes of the City of Outcasts freed.

The Maids:

Marina – Somewhere near her 30th winter, Marina’s quick tongue and excellent memory has long since served the Inner Chamber family as she flits about the palace, gathering information and gossip to bring back to them. She spends hours each day in the kitchen, listening to the chatter and making sure the Inner Chamber family hasn’t been compromised.
Marina is also in charge of keeping the princesses’ wardrobe in spotless order, and plays lady’s maid to Nicolette and Raquel. Her other duties include helping to keep the Inner Chamber clean, and organized.
Marina’s ever present talking and high energy level can be tiresome at times, but she is never complains and is overall a great asset to the world of the Inner Chamber.

Mekayla – Mekayla is only a few years older then the echoes and only entered the Inner Chamber family a year ago. As the newcomer, Nicolette and Raquel are still trying to figure out what they think of her, although they love and trust her completely.
Mekalya is beautiful, with a sweet disposition, and a quiet personality. Rarely asserting her own preference or voicing opinions, Mekalya constantly strives to be one-step-ahead when it comes to serving her charges.


Teah – Teah is the wise nursemaid who played nanny to Queen Lena when she was growing up. Traveling from her homeland of Tuglar to Kios with her precious charge when Queen Lena married King Dalan was a decision Teah never regretted.
As the midwife who assisted during the echoes birth, Teah was the first to discover that two babies had been born at once, and quickly set in place all the necessary precautions to set the masquerade of Princess Rylie into place.
After the devastating and untimely death of Queen Lena when the echoes were four, Teah took on the role of mothering them, and has done so with patience and wisdom unsurpassed.
Kind, gentle, loving, comforting, and graceful, Teah has devoted her years to raising the echoes in a manner that will one day help Kios rise to greatness under their rule.

Uncle Izaac – As a wiseman from Turglar, Izaac accompanied Queen Lena to Kios and since the birth of the echoes has been their tutor.
Knowing that they will one day sit on the throne, Izaac has taken his job very seriously and drills the echoes until they know so many facts that they simply spill out. In addition to facts and history, he also teaches creative thinking and problem solving skills.
With patience that seemingly continues endlessly, Izaac is a grandfather, uncle, and father figure, all rolled into one.

* * *
And we’ll hear about the princesses on another day.

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