July 2016 in Review

What I Focused on in July: 

1. Hanging out with my adopted parents because my adopted dad had open-heart surgery 

2. Working on the 15th draft of When Life Hands You Lymes 
3. A busy week with my non-writing job

Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update 
Read aloud 24 hours: 4 hours
(Oops… I’m kinda behind now. Oh well.)

Reading Update
Fiction: 7
Reviews: 7
Audio Books: 0 
Nights gone: 24
New States or Countries: None 
July Goals 
No goals: Accomplished all of them 
What I’ve Been Learning
From the looks of things, my life probably isn’t going to slow down any time soon, which means I’m going to have to do a better job of keeping up with every day life even when I’m not in a place where I can have a routine. That means continuing to eat healthily, train for the marathon, get to sleep at a reasonable hour, and move forward with my writing, even when it’s really difficult to get everything smashed into a day. 
Despite my fantastically large imagination, there are times and places when focus is obsolete and boredom is an actual reality. (I hadn’t realized this was possible.) 
Life certainly isn’t predictable, and sometimes the best thing to do is let go of expectations and goals and change your focus. Just because you don’t feel like you’re doing something important doesn’t mean that you aren’t, and sometimes it’s the little things that can be most important in the long run. 
It really stinks to miss church for multiple weeks in a row. Personal devotions are really important, but nothing takes the place of actually being in church and fellowshipping with like-minded people. 
Even when some writing projects feel pretty hopeless, if you just stick at it long enough and work through it and keep going and going and going, eventually it will (most likely) begin coming together. So, don’t quit.
This whole month was a blur. Not like a fast blur, but a long blur. Between June 28th and July 24th, I was only home one night. Then, I was home from July 24th until the 30th, and headed out again. Most of that time was spent not exactly knowing how the next day would play out, and since I thrive on planning, it was a probably really good for me, but also a bit like “aghhhh.” (So descriptive, I know.) 
It was delightful getting to spend most of the month with my adopted parents and I’m incredibly thankful I got to. I did miss my other family a lot during the month though, and now that I’m with my other family, I miss my adopted one. (Which obviously means I’ve been incredibly blessed to have two families to take turns missing.) 
This last week I was able to empty my email inbox. Any of y’all who have emailed me in the past can testify to the fact that I was practically the world’s worst email-replier ever, which is pretty sad. I’ve had a great time this year keeping my inbox close to empty (I put the emails in folders as soon as I reply to them), but to have it totally empty makes me pretty happy. Of course I also like receiving emails, so if any of y’all wanna give me ideas for posts you’d like to see on Noveltea or if you’re interested in doing an author interview, just email me at: aidylewoh@gmail.com. 
This is a rather short monthly review because there isn’t a ton to write about, but overall it was a good month with lots of answered prayers and grace and non-expected happenings. 
I’d be delighted to hear about y’alls July! 

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