Workplace Musings

Last night I was a bit late getting home from work, and I had what felt like a gigantically messy room to clean up, clothes to wash, packing to be done from my last trip, and everything to pack for my next trip. I even snapped a picture of my office/room before starting so I could see what a huge difference I was making with before and after pictures. 
This picture is somewhat amusing to me now, because for the first two decades of my life, I would have considered the room to be clean and good to go. Breaking the constantly-messy room habit was something I worked at for years, but never succeeded with until I made it a goal to have my room clean at least once a week. (Pretty much the best goal I ever set.) Over time my ideal of “clean” morphed and eventually it got to the point where my office hardly ever became a disaster because I was in the habit of cleaning it, and well… Goals. (They’re a pretty strong pull for me, if you haven’t guessed.)
By the way… Those clothes are the ones I pulled out of my bags from last week, washed, then simply dumped on the chair (and obviously the floor), cause this week was crazy-busy. 

 As a writer I find a clean, peaceful, and homey office is delightful to work in, and a messy one drives me crazy. Soft lighting, a flickering candle, fuzzy blankets, and heart-warming music all go into creating the perfect atmosphere to delve into writing or editing.

Thankfully I don’t need to have these elements before I can sit down and focus and pound out a new story, but they definitely make it easier and more enjoyable. Cute, cosy socks are also a plus, and cuddly animals are even better. (Real animals are the best, but stuffed animals work well, too. I have a box of stuffed animals under my writing table and they make my little heart happy.)

The bags on the couch are what I packed for this next trip which I’m supposed to leave for in approximately two minutes and fifty seconds… 

Even though I won’t be able to hang around and work in my clean office right now, it makes my homecoming so much more looked-froward to, to know I’m going to be able to crash immediately in a  clean office.

These next few days I’m planning on getting more editing done, but after I’m finished with the draft of WLHYL that I’m currently on, who knows… Perhaps I’ll even start a new book which would be fantastically amazing. Or, there is a possibility I’ll begin editing Echoes, which would be equally amazing because I’m really excited about that book.

What about you? Do you practically need to have a clean workspace?  

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