Different Perspectives

Life is so interesting when you look at it from different perspectives. I have a lot of fun looking at life from my view point and then trying to imagine it from other view points. 
Flying is one way that really creates a change in perspective. I sometimes like to imagine what the first people to fly thought. Were neighborhoods so perfectly semetrical back then? Did the pilots look down and marvel at the way houses lined up and streets made squares? Did they laugh with delight at the way fields were sectioned off to create a patchwork quilt? Did they play hopscotch with the clouds? 

It fascinates me how clouds look from the topside. Instead of a vast canopy of blue for the clouds to stand out against, there’s a world of greens, browns, blues, and interesting shapes. Instead of floating past as we gaze upward, we have the birds-eye view of them hovering in little clumps. Plus, with the sun beaming down on them they are so brilliantly white. 
Sometimes there’s a complete blanket of clouds that look like snow. It amuses me to imagine being able to play in the snow while being weightless and bounding from mound to mound. 

I have this habit of waving at planes when I’m on the ground and they fly overhead. I’m smart enough to realize that they can’t see me, but I like to imagine that perhaps there’s some child on the plane waving down at the earth far below them. 
Another one of my quirks I enjoy is praying for the people in the plane. Not long prayers, just quick, simple ones, asking God to bless the people, give them peace, safety, and draw them to Him. It’s fun while flying to look down on the earth and imagine that someone might be praying for me, too. 

Flying creates such a beautiful change in the way the world looks and I throughly enjoy it. 
What are some ways y’all enjoy viewing life from a different perspective? 

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