Master Your Money: Book Review

Master Your Money 
By Ron Blue
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272 Pages

About the Book (Backcover Blurb):
A step-by-step guide to financial freedom
Do you know if you have enough? Do you know how much is enough? If you can’t answer these questions, Master Your Money is for you.
In this book, Ron Blue extracts principles from God’s Word and applies them to your financial portfolio.
Learn how to:
  • Avoid the most common financial mistakes
  • Apply biblical principles for money management
  • Save, invest, and give wisely
  • Create a long-term financial plan that works
  • Plan for your taxes and estate needs
  • Get out of debt
Ron’s professional experience in financial planning will ease your anxieties over money and be an asset to you and your family for generations to come. Learn the tools and techniques you need to move forward toward true financial freedom.
This new edition includes important updates and new content, making it timely and relevant.
Why I Choose this Book: 
Money is an important part of life and I want to make sure I use my money in a way that brings God glory. 
What I Thought About this Book:

Master Your Money is thorough, helpful, and practical. It’s clear the author knew what he was talking about and that he really wanted to help others manage their money well. I especially appreciated the many times the author referenced the Bible and used God’s Word for his guide while writing the book. As God’s children, I believe that Christians are going to be held accountable for how they make and spend money and this book can help people figure out how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and use their finances to live life the way God wants them to. 
There were quite a few times where I felt like the book was above my head, but that’s not surprising as taxes and investments are still something I find quite confusing. Reading books like Master Your Money helps me learn a little bit more though, and for that I’m thankful. (I will note that Your Money Map by Howard Dayton was more at my level and covered a lot of the same information. I highly recommend both Master Your Money and Your Money Map.) 
Being free to earn and spend money is a blessing I’m very thankful for. I’m also thankful that money can, and should, be used as a tool. When we learn to master our money it no longer “masters” us, and that’s a very good thing. We can’t serve both God and money, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have money, it just means that money shouldn’t be our god or an all consuming issue in our life. This book can help bring that balance about, which makes it a very useful book.
Although I don’t remember the book discussing it, statistics show that there’s a lot of friction regarding how people handle finances when it comes to marriage and I’m pretty sure the same is true with other relationships (such as business partners). I highly recommend people who are sharing finances to read this book and work through it together.
Yay! Read it. Learn. Don’t spend more than you make. Use God’s Word as a starting point. Money can be a blessing when used the right way.

I’m giving Master Your Money four stars and recommend it to anyone 18 and older. (Although I suppose it’s really geared more toward those who are already running a household, it doesn’t hurt to get a good foundation started early on.) 

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