Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things. 
It’s amazing to me how big of a difference a minuscule word, thought, decision, prayer, moment, or object can make. In the end, everything counts in making up the sum total of our existence and lifetime. That’s a somewhat overwhelming, somewhat condemning, and somewhat glorious thought. Who we become is not by chance, it’s a conglomeration of millions of little choices that we make, many of them without even realizing it. 
On a much lighter note, it’s also sometimes the little things that bring a crazy amount of happiness. I have so much fun savoring the small moments in life, enjoying the special little gifts, creating memories out of every-day events. When then sunshines at just the right angle I like to slip out of my flip-flops and feel the warm stone beneath my feet. When I’m at the store looking at postcards to buy, I enjoy turning the rack around and around, smiling at the scenes and taking my time deciding. 
And then there comes the moments when I get to eat a special treat. Coffee shops and pastries have always delighted me, although I very rarely ever (never?) buy anything. Instead I find it delightful to gaze at the alluring displays and suck in the delicious smells. The prices are exorbitant, but looking doesn’t cost anything and is nearly as gratifying to me.

Where I’m staying at here in Colorado they have several breathtaking displays of pastries for sale in the coffee shops, and the best part is that we were given vouchers to spend on food. Which means that at long last I can actually chose to buy some mouthwatering pastries if I chose to forgo a normal meal.

The pastry I chose was a large blubbery muffin, complete with granules of sugar on top. It was so beautiful that I literally spent about twenty minutes enjoying looking at it and doing other things while waiting to eat it.

Enjoying small things is one of the trademarks of my life, it’s a conscious effort on my part and helps me to stay focused and grounded. Yet at the same time, it’s so easy for me to forget that the little things that I do to/for others can also make a huge impact. I want my life to count, from the big and glamorous to the little and humble.

Sometimes it’s the little things, and I want the little things in my life to count. 

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