U is for Uno #atozchallenge

Creativity is a lifestyle for me, not an action. This month I’m exploring twenty-six quirky ways I keep my creativity flowing.

Sometimes you have to take normal games and change them up. My little bro and I play Uno a lot – last week alone we probably played a couple hundreds hands. I wasn’t really into Uno until my best friend told us the way her family plays the game and then we tweaked a few more rules and came up with a fast-paced game that you have to be fully engaged in to win. Changing up rules and creating new ways to play games is a fun way to exercise creativity and quite rewarding as well. 
Today I thought I would share our rules with y’all so maybe you can enjoy this version of Uno as well. (I’m explaining how it works with two people, you can play it with more using the same rules, but it works out slightly different.) 
1. Start out with each person having 7 cards like with a normal game and begin the same way.
2. Whenever a card gets played, people can play matching cards, even if it’s not their turn. (For example, if I play a red 4, I can also play another red 4, or a green 4, or a blue 4… Any 4 can be played. Same thing if my bro plays a 4, I can jump in and play several cards right in a row.) This makes the game really fast, because you try and play the next card before the other person can play a match. 
3. You can skip, reverse, and build up Draw 2s and Draw 4s. This makes the game quite crazy and it’s not unusual to have to draw 10-16 cards at once. Let me explain how it works: If I put down a yellow Draw 2, my bro can then play a Draw 2 of any color, a Draw 4, a yellow skip, or a yellow reverse. If he plays a red Draw 2, then I can play a Draw 2 of any color, a Draw 4, or a red skip, or a red reverse… And you get the idea. 
It’s not surprising to be able to play 10 or so cards at once, especially when there are just two players, because when you play a skip or a reverse, then you get to play again right away (unless the other player jumps in with a skip or reverse before you can go on). 
This is an example of a long row of cards one person would be able to play in one turn: 
And that, my friends, is the way we play Uno now. It seriously makes the game about 60x more fun than the regular way and also takes some strategy (you have to keep skips and reverses to protect yourself so you don’t have to eat your own Draw 4s or Draw 2s, etc…). 
Do you ever change up rules to games? Does this way of playing Uno sound like fun to you? Games are so much fun and I enjoy discussing them. 
* * * 
It’s that time again where we get to choose where Annie goes for this week in our Friday Series, Around the World in Fifty-Two WeeksAnd our destination is… Norway!

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