T is for Twist and Turn #atozchallenge

Creativity is a lifestyle for me, not an action. This month I’m exploring twenty-six quirky ways I keep my creativity flowing.

I have so much fun taking average and ordinary things and twisting and turning them around to see them from a unique perspective.

Try reading a familiar book upside down for instance. Or taking an every day task like eating and writing and doing it with your non-dominate hand. Sometimes I act like I’m riding a horse when I go for a jog or like I’m flying an airplane when I’m cutting grass with the zero-turn.

Next time you’re a passenger in a car try imagining you’re riding a (really fast) horse along the berm of the road. What obstacles can you jump over, which ones do you have to go around? (I actually gave up on the horse a while ago and traded it in for a liger… Pretty much the coolest animal ever.)

When I am vacuuming the house using the sweeper hose, I always pretend like the hose is my pet elephant’s trunk. I like to try to do normal hand activities with my feet (crocheting doesn’t work all that great because I can’t quite figure out how to hold the hook the right way), or multitask with opposites. (Back when I took piano lessons if I had a slow song to practice I would listen to “The Woodpecker Song” by Buddy Davis on full blast next to me as I plinked along… I guess it’s no wonder my piano playing never progressed very far.)

Every day (and seemingly mundane) life activities are actually catalysts to spur creativity to greater levels and I throughly enjoy finding ways to exercise the experimental and artistic side of my brain. 

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