Q is for Questions #atozchallenge & Writing and Life Update

Creativity is a lifestyle for me, not an action. This month I’m exploring twenty-six quirky ways I keep my creativity flowing.
I really like asking questions. I’ve even had friends tell me that asking questions is my hobby, which I took as a compliment. Each person has such a unique view of life and has experienced things I’ll never get to do first hand, but can live virtually through their stories. There are so many facts and ideas and quirky little facets that escape me unless I purposely seek them out. 
If I were to meet you in real life, I’d doubtlessly ask you dozens of questions. The questions may seem inconsequential, but each question asked and answered helps me see life, and the person answering the question, in a bit of a new way. 
Here’s a list of questions my family said I generally ask when I first meet someone:
“Who’s your favorite author?” 
“Do you like to read?” 
“Do you like to read fiction or non-fiction?” 
“What kind of books do you like?” 
“What’s your middle name?”
“Do you have any nick-names?” 
“How many siblings do you have?”
What are questions you generally ask when you first meet someone? If you leave a comment with them, I’ll answer them and other readers can, too, if they want. 🙂 
And, of course, since I haven’t met most of y’all in person, I’d be delighted if wanted to answer any of those^ questions in the comments. 
* * *
The weather has been delightful here. Even though it’s been rather hot and we don’t have any AC, the breeze from the ocean and the shade from the palm trees has kept our surroundings pleasant. The colors, textures, sights, sounds, and smells have been blending together creating a tranquil atmosphere and renewing my mind. 
I finished the draft of WLHYL I was working on at around 4:00 yesterday morning, which was a rather big accomplishment for me and just barely within the time frame of the deadline I had. I was merging what used to be book one and two in the series, making it just one book. During the last couple of months I’ve done a lot of editing and cutting, taking the two books from a combined 150,000 words to just over 86,000 words.  

Today I took a break from most of my writing work, and instead had good family time, caught up on some reading, and took several long walks on the beach. In reality I just walked back and forth in front of our section of the beach, but it didn’t feel redundant because the rolling waves changed the scenery each time I went past.

I walked a little over ten miles, which felt like a good workout since I was on the sand and walking on the sand is a good way to invest energy. Plus, it’s ties with my longest walking workout since I began training for the marathon, only I spread it out doing half in the morning and half in the afternoon, instead of all at once.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and maybe starting another writing project. Or maybe I’ll just catch up with my reading… 

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