P is for Practice #atozchallenge

Creativity is a lifestyle for me, not an action. This month I’m exploring twenty-six quirky ways I keep my creativity flowing.

Practicing creativity? It sounds almost like an oxymoron, yet it really does work… At least for me. Sometimes I practice being creative by stretching beyond my afore-reached heights and trying something new. Sometimes I make myself sit down and work on a creative outlet that I’m not very good at, like drawing a picture. Sometimes I make a random goal for myself like coming up with a list of 35 words that start with the letter “d” and see how fast I can do it.

The thing is, when practicing creativity, it doesn’t matter how the thing your practicing on turns out, because it’s just practice. This gives you freedom to have fun and express yourself in ways you’re not used to. 

So next time you’re feeling bored or non-creative, why not take a few minutes and practice being creative? You can tell a story to a child, make a meal using a new recipe, create your own board game, design a greeting card, walk barefoot on gravel and think of ten words to describe how it feels, or learn several words in a new language… The options are nearly endless. 

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