The Game of Editing

Sitting down at my computer this morning I was excited to get into editing mode and cut out excess words. Outside the wind is blowing rather fiercely; I’d been hoping to cut grass today but the wind is seemingly intent on blowing in cold weather instead of sunshine. I’m not (too) disappointed though, because that means I can focus more of my day on WLHYL. 
I am, Lord willing, leaving with my family for a trip on April 11th. Last year my goal was to finish the first draft of WLHYL before leaving on a trip that was around the same time. The goal was a stupendously overwhelming one for little ol’ me and left me feeling exhausted when it was finally accomplished. Although I’m glad I had that goal last year, I wanted to make sure I didn’t do that again this year (I spent half of the trip emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted). 
As I’ve plowed my way through WLHYL last week, it occurred to me that I could possibly make a goal of chopping away at the second book in the WLHYL series and maybe get the first big edits done on that book before we leave. It would be a stretch, but I feel up to the challenge right now and am eager to be done with this stage of the books. (I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it on here, but I’m working on merging book one and two and having a standalone book which means a lot of editing and cutting out scenes.)  

I’ve discovered one of the best ways to get excited about editing is to make it into a game. Instead of allowing myself to dread cutting out words, I choose a word count I want to get down to and then work the delete key ferociously until I’ve reached my goal.

That game works wonders when it comes to taking out whole scenes, because then instead of wanting to cry at so much of my hard work disappearing, I grin at the word count jumping dramatically downward. I know it’s simply a matter of mindset, but mindset is a big factor in life.

 What about you? Do you have some tips that could help make my editing and chopping easier and flow more smoothly? I’d be delighted to hear what works for you because this is really not my forte.

* * *

It’s that time again where we get to choose where Annie goes for this week in our Friday Series, Around the World in Fifty-Two WeeksAnd the destination is: Denmark!  

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