Design Your Day By Clair Diaz-Ortiz: Book Review

Design Your Day
By Clair Diaz-Ortiz 
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126 Pages

Why I Choose this Book: 
The tag line is Be more productive, set better goals, and live life on purpose. Who doesn’t want that? Of course I wanted to read it. 
What I Thought About this Book:
It’s hard to know what I thought of this book. The information was really good, but I knew most of it. I was hoping for a creative spin that would tickle my brain because I can read the same information over and over again and get new ideas from it each time if it’s presented in a new way. Unfortunately Miss Claire’s style was just there and I neither enjoyed it or disliked it, so the book and I had a pretty passive relationship. 
I’m 100% certain though that this^ is just a “me thing” and that there are many people who will benefit greatly from her book. In fact, several things she said echoed what I’ve been learning but haven’t begun implementing into my life yet, so this was the push I need to get into gear.

Reading this book was somewhat of a strange experience because I felt like I could have written the first half. It sounded very much like me, which actually might be the reason I didn’t feel more inspired… It felt so normal. 

Miss Claire quotes Bob Goff and refers to him as a friend, so the rating almost jumped to four stars because of that. All in all I think the book was good, concise, and helpful, but just not my style for some odd, odd reason. (I’ll probably come back in two years and it will have become a well-worn five-star book that I recommend to everyone. I’ve had that type of thing happen before.) 
Good information. I need to implement some of the things from the second half into my life and I’m glad for this push. 
I’m giving Design Your Day Three Stars (five out of Ten).

*I received this book for free from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review*

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