Your Money Map by Howard Dayton: Book Review

Sarah from Homeschooled Authors interviewed me and the post went live yesterday. 
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Your Money Map
by Howard Dayton 
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First Person
256 Pages
About the Book
Back cover blurb
This book will transform your finances . . . and your life.
When you learn what the God of the universe says about handling money—and apply it—everything changes. Your Money Map shows you how.
This biblical and practical guide is for everyone—single or married, young or old, whether you earn a little or a lot. It helps you:
Frame your finances within God’s big picture
Determine and change the trajectory of your financial situation
Establish and follow 7 steps for wise stewardship.
Follow the principles in Your Money Map toward financial freedom and you will know a joy, peace, and confidence about your finances that few ever do.
Includes discussion questions, tools, and resources to help you put the book into practice.

Why I Choose this Book  

I’ve not read or studied very much about money and saving and staying out of debt and those are some really important subjects. When I saw Your Money Map I jumped at the chance to review it. 
What I Thought about this Book 
This book is pretty much what I expected it to be. It was helpful and engaging and really got me thinking. I’ve never been a big spender, but I’ve never been good at keeping track of the money I spend either. This year I’ve been working on tracking every penny I spend and this book helped reinforce that goal. 
Since I’m not really in debt, this book served as a very good warning to me that I really don’t want to get into debt. Reading the statistics and hearing about how hard it is to work your way out of debt made me very happy to have learned these principles now so I can apply them to the rest of my life. 
Your Money Map is written from a Christian worldview and is founded on some really great biblical truths. Howard Dayton, the author, pointed out several times that most Christians think that God tells us what to do with ten percent of our money, our tithe, and that the rest is up to us. In reality, all of our money is God’s and we are just the stewards. That means that what we do in every aspect of our finances should be pleasing to Him. Then Mr. Dayton goes on to explain how we can get out of debt and bring God glory with our finances. 

I agreed with most of this book and found it easy to read. There were a few pages about investing that I didn’t completely understand, but other than that I found the book quite comprehensible. 
I’m giving Your Money Map four stars (seven out of ten) and recommend it to people fourteen and older.
*I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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